After dating for almost a year, it would seem that Emily and Robert Pattinson are still very much together. They were first photographed together in June 2016 and have been spotted a handful of times since then. While their breakup wasn’t officially confirmed, there have been plenty of signs suggesting that they are still an item. Here’s a closer look at the relationship between the two famous people.

They’re Both Musicians

The first solid evidence of their relationship came in the form of several photos posted on Instagram. One photo in particular showed Emily rocking out with her guitar, while Robert stood behind her, playing the drums. It would seem that Robert, who is a musician himself, was the one who got the idea to snap Emily playing music. Maybe he wanted to immortalize the moment on film and shared it with his girlfriend. Whatever the case, this was just the beginning of their musical camaraderie. They have been photographed together numerous times since then, including on multiple occasions playing music and dancing. They also shared several intimate moments on social media, which fueled rumors that they might be getting back together.

They’re Both In The Music Business

On the surface, at least, it would seem that Emily and Robert are cut from the same cloth. Not only do they share a passion for music, but they’re also both in the music business. While most people know her for her acting career, she’s worked her way into the music scene as a songwriter and producer. She’s been responsible for the music in several films, including Mamma Mia! And she also worked with the Foo Fighters on their album, Concrete & Steel. The Foos, of course, are best known for their hit single, “Everlong”, which they wrote and performed with Dave Grohl. Robert, on the other hand, began his career as a drummer and performed with some of the biggest names in music, including Rod Stewart and the Scorpions. After his music career took off, he went on to found his own record label and became involved in A&R, music production, and management. So, it would seem, they have a lot in common. But what really links them is their shared passion for all things music-related. They not only work together, but they also socialize together. On Saturday, June 24, they were together at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee. They were both seen dancing and sharing a kiss before taking a break from the dance floor to jam on a guitar. It was a scene that fans will remember for a long time.

They’re Both Romantic

Another thing that has linked Emily and Robert is their unwavering romantic nature. The Twilight Saga fans know exactly what type of relationship the couple shares. They seem like the sensible, devoted type. On a number of occasions, the two have been seen holding hands or sharing an intimate kiss. There are even rumors that Emily is pregnant with Robert’s baby and due any day now. While we wait for more information, it would seem that Emily and Robert are content to wait and see what happens. They’ve got each other’s backs and are looking out for each other’s best interests. They’re still waiting for that magical moment when everything becomes perfect.

They Like To Party

They’ve been known to have a good time when they’re out in public. In fact, it would seem that Emily and Robert enjoy being in the spotlight. They’ve both been in the tabloids for years and graced the cover of several magazines. They’ve even been photographed having drinks together, which is something that they’ve never done before. So, it would seem that their hedonistic side has not only survived, but it’s thrived. Of course, it helps that they’re both incredibly attractive people. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that they could party all night and still look great the next day. Who wouldn’t want that?

They’ve Got Great Taste In Music

Another similarity between Emily and Robert is their taste in music. They both seem to have a soft spot for all things ‘70s. They love the fashion and the music of that era and have been spotted wearing vintage clothing and collecting vinyl. For some reason, they seem to gravitate towards groups like the Bee Gees and Fleetwood Mac. They also mentioned in an interview with Rolling Stone that they’ve got a lot of fun jams that they like to play. So, it would seem that they have a common interest in music and carry a passion for it with them wherever they go. Maybe that’s why they always seem to be together in bands. They’re probably playing music now, somewhere, behind closed doors.

It would seem that, at least in the public eye, Emily and Robert have not stopped talking or acting together since their breakup. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that they are always seen holding hands or sharing an intimate moment. So, while they may not be married, they definitely seem to have a real connection and care for one another. It’s all about perspective, anyway. From one end of the world to the other, it still seems like they’re on the same page. They always seem to have each other’s backs, which is more than you can say for most people.