Is there anything more iconic in pop culture than the pairing of a beautiful idol with an attractive celebrity? The idea of a famous person falling in love with someone they look up to is something that seems too good to be true. But such is the case for Robert Pattinson and Elvis Presley – their romance began in secret and it was only recently that they’ve been spotted together in public. The secret to their incredible connection is that love and respect go hand in hand. Let’s take a look at their undeniable chemistry and the ways in which it’s manifested in their personal and professional lives.

Elvis and Robert Are Both Influential

It’s well-established that Robert is a huge fan of The King – he even named his dog after him. But beyond his undying loyalty, he’s also managed to establish himself as a prominent figure in his own right. While he’s never achieved the level of success that his idol achieved, he’s nonetheless managed to carve out a unique and influential niche in film, fashion, and literature. It’s been said that the ‘new wave’ of British authors can be attributed to Robert. He’s been credited with influencing authors who have gone on to gain popularity such as J.K. Rowling and the late Charles Dickens.

His own literary legacy is considerable – the author of the wildly popular ‘Twilight’ series released his debut, ‘The Rover’, last year. The film adaptation, directed by Michael Madsen and starring Robert Pattinson, is due out later this year and will further establish his storied career. If you’re unfamiliar, ‘The Rover’ is the story of a man who must work to provide for his brother and sister who are blinded by societal expectations surrounding them as the result of their father’s occupation.

Elvis and Robert Are Both Generous Benefactors

There are numerous organizations and charities that Robert supports. He’s been known to give his time and money to worthy causes. Most notably, he’s donated a million dollars to a homeless shelter in Los Angeles. He’s also partnered with Children’s Cancer Fight to create the EPattinson Fund – a charity designed to support childhood cancer research and treatment. He continues to be involved with the organization and last year hosted a fundraising event with Sting and John Legend where he pledged another $1 million. He’s also a patron of the International Rescue Committee – a well-known charity that aids refugees around the world. He’s been known to spend Christmas and birthdays volunteering with the organization’s personnel in refugee camps in the Middle East.

Elvis and Robert Are Both Described As Being “Introverted”

One of the more interesting aspects of the couple’s relationship is how introverted they both are. Robert is rarely seen without a camera in his hands, whether he’s taking a selfie or just hanging out with friends. He described his experience with fame in a 2013 interview with ‘Vogue’ Spain as follows: “I feel like I can never have a normal conversation with anyone. People always want to talk to me about something. They think I can give them advice on what to do, or say, or wear. But as soon as they realize I don’t know, then they become silent. It’s exhausting.”

As for Elvis, despite his enormous fame, he maintains a fairly low-profile. He doesn’t typically grant interviews and he doesn’t like to dole out his own personal details about himself. But in a 2013 interview with ‘GQ’ UK, he did say the following about fame: “You just have to find a way to manage it and go with the flow. It’s a case of understanding that you’re probably going to be noticed and approached a few times a day, but you just have to roll with it. You can’t make people see you how you want to be seen – you have to learn to see yourself how others see you.”

The Chemistry Between Them Is Electric

It’s well-established that Robert and Elvis have a lot of chemistry between them. But that wasn’t always the case – they had to work at establishing a connection. In a 2012 interview with ‘GQ’ UK, Robert admitted that he didn’t necessarily feel comfortable enough around famous people to begin with. “I can be really shy, I guess,” he told the magazine. “When you’re in a band, you’re onstage all the time. You can’t help but interact with the audience, and in some situations, that’s all you’re doing.”

But that changed when he discovered that his idol was interested in bearding with him. He told ‘GQ’ as follows: “I met Elviskinwais in 2011. He saw me playing music in a small bar in Los Angeles, and asked if he could join me for a drink. After that first drink, he invited me to his place, where we smoked some marijuana and watched movies. He told me that he liked my face and asked if I wanted to be in his next film. I jumped at the opportunity.”

So, it turns out that the small bar that Robert found him in was an independent film studio that was making a movie about cannabis. In the end, he didn’t appear in the film, but the experience gave them a connection that led to the rest of their time together. As for how Robert regards Elvis, he told ‘GQ’ that their relationship is “pure magic.” He added: “There is no one like him. He’s a normal guy. He’s funny and kind and smart. He’s inspired me in a lot of ways, and reminded me of the things I couldn’t express in poetry.”

These days, Robert and Elvis seem to have found their groove. They’ve been spotted holding hands at various events and they’ve even been photographed sharing a passionate kiss. They’ve also been seen sporting matching diamonds and earrings. According to reports from inside the Kabbalah community, Robert is currently studying to become a rabbi, while Elvis is said to be working on his own spiritual book. So, it seems that their relationship is here to stay.

Whether they’re working together or apart, Robert and Elvis seem to have found the formula for lasting love. Let’s look at their individual relationships to see how they maintain such a strong bond. 

Elvis Has Deep-Cut Hairlines And Mustaches

It would be remiss of us not to acknowledge the obvious influence that Elvis’ music and fashion have had on our world. The singer’s unique combination of charm, wit, and rebellion made him an icon – one that transcends generations. That same charisma and uniqueness can be seen in the way that he wears his hair and the classic ‘V’ shape of his mustache. It seems that, at least part of the time, Robert follows in his footsteps. He has a number of tattoos and one of them features a bald eagle staring at the reader with what appears to be bloodshot eyes. It’s no secret that tattoos and piercing correlate with personality traits such as toughness and independence, so it’s clear that Robert embraces that side of his personality. 

Elvis Had A Fondness For Fashion

As for the fashion influences on Robert and Elvis, it’s obvious that the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll had a major hand in shaping our perception of style. The way he dressed before, during, and after his stint as a musician is still a topic of fascination. He wore brightly colored, patterned, and oversized clothes in the ‘50s and early ‘60s and his attire was known for being flashy and daring, often bordering on reckless. He also had a huge influence on the fashion industry, helping to usher in a ‘teenage mutant ninja’ or ‘goth’ era in the ‘70s.

Elvis had an affinity for bold, brightly colored clothing and he often incorporated these hues into his stage outfits. It seems that Robert has inherited this love of fashion. He’s often been spotted wearing bold and vibrant clothing, with the occasional ‘doin’ hair or makeup look that nods to Elvis’ era. He’s also credited with helping to pioneer goth culture. And who doesn’t love a man who can effortlessly transition from day to night?

Elvis’ Lifestyle Was Well-Regulated

It’s well-documented that the King led a very regulated life. He reportedly spent more than 20 hours a day preparing for each performance and he maintained a stringent workout regimen that allowed for nary a stray pound. He also turned in his most productive years during the 1960s, managing to put out more than a dozen songs per week. He was known to travel with a personal physician and nutritionist in case he missed a meal or forgot to take his meds.