It’s not everyday you get to dress someone famous, but when you do it’s an incredible feeling. On July 6th 2015, British fashion designer Edward Pattinson became the owner of the famous Stanley Jacket when he purchased it from the estate of the late John McCracken who passed away in April 2015. The designer grew up near Edinburgh and after graduating from Edinburgh’s Scots College he moved to London where he began his career. It was there he met his business partner and current wife Charlotte Higgins who is the creative director of the successful London fashion house White Hart Lane. They started their company in 1967 and it continues to be one of the most popular design houses in the city with its modern classic looks.

The Designer’s Cut

While we are no stranger to stylish tracksuits, it is safe to say that Pattinson takes his designs to a whole new level. Each look is an ode to modern sportswear with a focus on the track and the field. Some of the brand’s most iconic pieces include:

  • The Edinburgh Jacket brings back memories of the first Royal Ascot meeting in 1923 when J.B.M. Casement wore the iconic tracksuit.
  • The Flying Scot pays homage to the great Scottish explorer Robert Falcon Scott who died trying to reach the South Pole and who was the first to wear the pattern in 1909.
  • The Antarctic Bear references the rugged animals whose fur Scott used to wrap himself in during the coldest parts of his expedition.
  • The Last Man is named after the last member of Scott’s expedition, Bertram Maclean, who famously died after being abandoned on the
    Antarctic Plateau. He was the only person to survive the harsh winter of 1912-1913.
  • The designer has also previously designed an outfit inspired by Harvey Nichols’ original Hermès silk scarves in honor of the luxury goods store’s founder and French aristocrat Henri de Savoy. The new collection of scarves is aptly named after Savoy.
  • The Emperor was inspired by the great British explorer and ornithologist Rudolph von Krausen, who dressed in this fashion during his travels in China and Japan in the early 20th century. The designer is a big fan of Krausen’s and the results are evident. The Japanese kanji for ‘sport’ and ‘style’ are literally stamped on the front of the jacket in a logo that is quintessential to the designer’s aesthetic.
  • The Explorer is named after Georges Lemaître, who, with Albert Einstein, discovered the theory of the Big Bang. As the name implies, the designer draws its inspiration from the great scientists and explorers of the 20th century.

The Tracksuit Revolution

It’s fair to say that over the last few years, the tracksuit has taken over the sportswear world. From the backbones to the hoods, this multi-purpose garment can be worn on or off the track by the players and fans at sporting events or just for daily exercise. Some of the most prominent events the designer has dressed include:

  • The Victoria and Albert Museum held an extensive exhibition of sports clothing and accessories from the 20th century and featured many unique designs from the house of Pattinson. One of the most significant pieces was a collection of ‘flying’ cricket uniforms. The six-buttoned design brought a subtle playfulness to the sport and helped pave the way for future cultural evolutions such as the designer’s iconic ‘split-neck’ jersey.
  • The San Diego Zoo invited the designer to design a special outfit for their 10th anniversary gala in 2006. So, naturally, he obliged and created a one-of-a-kind ensemble featuring a stunning array of animal prints and colors that complimented the zoo’s animal inhabitants. The designer also collaborated with San Diego’s DieHard Clothing to produce a line of limited edition t-shirts and hoodies with the zoo’s famous creatures printed on them. The result was nothing short of spectacular.
  • The Basketball World Cup in 2006 had a special all-star edition where the world’s best players and teams came together for one glorious event. Team Canada was the first to wear the new Vancouver design in a pre-game warm-up and the rest, as they say, is history.
  • The Olympic Games in 2008 saw the return of the split-necked jersey and helped establish the designer’s pattern as the ‘standard’ design for tracksuits. Many of the house’s most iconic pieces were designed for these games including:
    • The London Organising Committee for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games were so inspired by the designer that they commissioned a special collection of ‘Olympic’ outfits. The designs were inspired by the brand’s tracksuits and were made available for the public to purchase after the games.
    • The Scottish Olympic Team warmed up for the London Olympics with an unofficial match against Albania where they wore their iconic ‘Scottish Tartan’ outfits. The designer has also created outfits for numerous individual sports such as golf and tennis.
    • The NFL (National Football League) held a special design contest in 2012 where fans voted for their favorite design from various brands including Pattinson. The winner was the Los Angeles Rams and their distinctive purple and yellow color scheme.
    • The U.S. Army (USARMY) has also worn the designer’s apparel with distinction throughout the years. The service released a special edition of their uniform for the London Olympics and the designer’s fit was so popular that they had to put a size on hold to ensure that everyone had a piece of the action. The designer has also created special uniforms for U.S. military personnel that travel to war zones. The pieces are made of heavyweight cotton fabric with a water-repellent finish that repels moisture so the clothes stay fresh during active duty. It almost goes without saying that the military has also worn the designer’s tracksuits for special events such as formal dinners and parades etc. It is fair to say that these are some of the most prominent events that the designer has dressed for.
    • The X Games in 2012 were dedicated to the greats of sport who wore unique and stylish outfits throughout the years. The event helped establish the designer’s fashion-oriented approach to sport and its attendees have certainly bought into it. The house of Pattinson even has its own store in the X Games village where attendees can purchase outfits that are a must for the collector or fan.

    The Future

    With the retro styles and designs that the designer has brought back from the past, it is easy to understand why so many are drawn to his clothing. However, this is only the beginning for the British fashion designer. He has already begun the design process for his next collection and fans can expect to see many more iconic designs from the house of Pattinson.