So you’ve decided to write a memoir.

You’ve been quiet for a while, and you’ve gradually lost touch with friends and family. Now it’s time for you to tell the world your story. And you’ve chosen the perfect person to write it with. Someone who not only knows you well, but who has themselves experienced a remarkable life and seen it all.

It’s natural for you to feel nervous. After all, this is a big step, and you’re finally going to put into words all the things that happened to you. Even if you’ve always felt a sense of responsibility, this is the first time you’ll ever have the chance to express your thoughts and feelings. This is a moment of truth, and you’ve got to be ready for it.

So how are you going to begin your story? Where do you even start?

The answer is simple. You start at the beginning, and you work your way up to the present. That’s what life is – it’s a series of events that happened one after the other.

You could begin by telling the story of your childhood, growing up in Cornwall and then London. Talk about your parents and your early years. Was there a defining moment that changed everything? Perhaps you encountered a crisis or an event that gave you the push you needed to begin your quest for knowledge?

Your journey to adulthood is a fascinating one, filled with amazing experiences that you feel ready to share with the world. You went to university and then embarked on a teaching career. You became a professor of English and then joined the department of English language and literature at the prestigious Oxford University. It was here that you met your wife, Jennifer, and began your family. Your children are now young adults, and you’ve begun to feel the pangs of empty-nesterhood. It’s time to renew your commitment to the world, and you’ve decided to write a memoir to share your adventures and enlighten others. But what will you call your book?

You could call it:

  • Experiment in Adulthood
  • Growing Up in a Digital World
  • Tricky Transactions
  • Life in the Egg
  • How to be Genuine
  • How to Be Married

As the list of proposals shows, you’ve got a pretty decent head of ideas. But which one do you pick? When you’re choosing a title for your book, you want to go for something that will both intrigue and delight your audience. Something that will stick in their minds, and possibly even make them buy your book!

After careful consideration, you decide to go for the first proposal on the list. Why? Because it’s one of the most intriguing titles you could think of. It hints at your life’s journey, while also being simple and easy to remember. It’s a clever piece of wordplay, and it has the potential to pull readers into your story immediately. It is, in fact, the perfect beginning to your masterpiece.

From here, you could go anywhere. You could talk about the strange and fascinating events that occurred while you were in the womb. You could delve into your experiences as a child and describe the fun and games you played while growing up. You could tell the story of your first kiss, or the moment you decided to commit to the idea of being married. Or, you could simply share your adventures as an adult and the many trials and tribulations you experienced. You could include stories from your journalism career, academic work, relationship with your family, or even your culinary adventures. There is so much you could say, and so many interesting stories to tell. What a way to explore your life!

Once you’ve started writing, the words will flow easily. Ideas and stories will tumble out of you, and you’ll find it a great way to make sense of everything that’s happened in your life. Remember: a memoir is not about looking back in anger or resentment. It’s about celebrating the life you’ve led and being proud of what you’ve accomplished. This will be your opportunity to shine. Be proud of your achievements, and eager to share your journey with the world. They may not all be perfect, but you’ve got so much to offer, and they cannot fail to be entertaining. Your story will not only engage and enchant your audience, but it will also be an inspiration to them. Writing a memoir is a fantastic opportunity to explain who you are and what you believe in, and there’s plenty to say. You’re bound to have a few ideas for your next chapter, and that’s okay – as long as you don’t stop writing!