Edward Pattinson is a British luxury goods brand that was started by a goldsmith in 1762. It is now headquartered in Paris with stores across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It is best known for its fine and precious metal jewellery, which is designed by well-known French and Italian jewellery houses. The brand is most famous for its coloured gems and diamonds, which are set in platinum and gold jewellery. In 2014, Edward Pattinson opened a new flagship store in Paris. It is a grand 19th century structure with an art gallery, restaurant and bar. The company is currently owned by LVMH and its chairman and CEO is Pierre Sacco; he previously worked for Celine and Chopard, as well as having a background in finance. The CEO of the company is Christian Kress. In 2015, Edward Pattinson was ranked the 96th most valuable luxury brand in the world by Forbes, worth an estimated US$12.9 billion.

The Designer

It was in 1875 that Christian Kress founded his own design house, Christian Kress & SONS. He began by creating pieces of jewellery for his uncle, an amateur goldsmith who had set up a small workshop in Paris. Kress had an exceptional talent and was soon designing and making pieces of jewellery for high profile customers such as Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary, the queen of Italy and the German Kaiser. One of the most memorable pieces that Christian Kress designed is the Victoria Cross, which was inspired by a design made for Queen Victoria in 1863. Since then, Christian Kress & SONS has continued to design pieces of jewellery for aristocrats and high profile individuals. The designers that Christian Kress collaborates with the most are Marc Boucher, Emile de Néfelcher, Maximilian Le Bihan and Jean-François Cartier. In addition to creating pieces of jewellery, Christian Kress also designs furniture, including sculptural pieces such as coffee tables and chairs. In 2001, the company opened a furniture gallery in Paris that houses a collection of original pieces by Christian Kress. The designer’s work can be seen in many public and private collections around the world, including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Louvre in Paris.

A Brand For All Ages

It was originally believed that Edward Pattinson was a brand only for the wealthy, high-society people of London in the 1800s. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Today, Edward Pattinson is a brand that appeals to everybody. Its designs and aesthetic are incredibly versatile, allowing it to be worn by anyone at any time or place. It can be used as a celebration of a special occasion or event, or just because you want to feel fancy. The design house has created pieces of jewellery that are both classic and fashionable, making it a perfect fit for anybody’s wardrobe.