What will Harry Potter do now that he’s a grown-up? Will he live with his aunt and uncle? Stay close to his faithful friend Ron? Follow in his footsteps and be a mentor to younger witches and wizards?

If you’re one of the millions of people who were obsessed with the Harry Potter books and movies, then you’re in for a real treat. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is now open for adult learners. With only four terms to complete, there’s still plenty of time to become an accredited wizard or witch. With tuition fees of just £25 a month, it’s the perfect affordable school for adults who want to pursue their dreams without the financial burden of a full-time job. And with a whole array of magical courses to choose from, including Herbology, Defence Against the Dark Arts, and Charms, it’s the perfect place to fulfill your magical education.

So what will Harry Potter do now that he’s a grown-up? The exciting new Harry Potter movie will answer that question and many more. When the final installment of the saga is released in theaters on July 16, 2016, it will become the biggest theatrical release of the year and the sixth most popular film of all time. As the final days of school draw near, Potter fans will be anxiously awaiting to see how the beloved books and characters will pan out in the highly anticipated film. Let’s take a look at who will be playing what role in the cinematic adaptation of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Eddie Redmayne Will Play Albus Dumbledore

As the founder and headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Albus Dumbledore is truly the patron saint of adults who want to continue their magical education. The great man taught Harry Potter lots of valuable life lessons, not the least of which was to value and cherish his friends. At the age of 94, Dumbledore still spends most of his time at Hogwarts, although he does make occasional visits to his birthplace in the British countryside. Even at this advanced age, Dumbledore has not lost his love for magical creatures or his belief in their power to uplift our spirits and change our world for the better. In fact, Dumbledore’s final words to Potter before his fateful death were, “Never give up on your dreams, Potter. Not even if the road to achieving them seems impossible. Believe in yourself and in those around you. Find courage, where you can, and above all, have fun.” Amen.

In the new Harry Potter movie, Eddie Redmayne will don the robes once worn by the great man himself. Redmayne’s portrayal of Dumbledore is sure to bring a tear to even the most hard-nosed of film fans. Although Dumbledore is survived by his partner and close confidante Nagina James, who was played by Emily Blunt in the final Harry Potter movie, the character of Albus is not yet officially confirmed to be a widower. While details are still slim, it is known that the great man spent the last few years of his life in near-daily correspondence with professor and fellow alumnus Lawrence Dambro. If this correspondence is anything to go by, Dumbledore’s personal life will be as colorful as his incredible career. We can’t wait to see what kind of magic Redmayne will bring to his portrayal of Dumbledore.

Andrew Garfield Will Play Gellert Grindelwald

Gellert Grindelwald is one of the greatest witches and wizards of the 20th century. Even at the age of 104, the great man continues to inspire all those around him to achieve their full potential. The creator of Nurmengard, the most infamous wizarding facility in history, and the man who single-handedly brought about the end of the magical community of Akheton, now resides in Switzerland. But Grindelwald is more than just a historical figure. He is also the great-great-grandfather of the late child prodigy Oliver Wood, who founded the private Magpie College in London. And it was through his affinity for young Merlin that Oliver first met and tutored Harry Potter. When we last saw Oliver’s famous ancestor, he was battling the young wizard and casting a spell to make him his slave.

While the conditions of Voldemort’s (Richard Harris) captivity prevented him from practicing magic, the opportunity to hone his skills as an inventor and engineer had no such restrictions. And it was Grindelwald’s genius that allowed him to craft the “Marquise of Darkness,” a secret weapon that would become his nemesis. So while we are disappointed that Albus Dumbledore won’t be making a return for the final installment of the Harry Potter saga, at least one of his former students will be looking up to him deeply. And if we’re honest, after all these years, who wouldn’t?

Jamie Dornan Will Play Petunia Dursley

The quintessential bookworm of the Harry Potter generation, Petunia Dursley is the wife of the infamous Dudley Dursley and the mother of three unruly children. Although she is a somewhat vain and temperamental woman, we love her for her wit and her ability to laugh at herself. As the middle child and only daughter of a prominent English surgeon, Petunia’s life was very different from that of the underprivileged Harry Potter. But that didn’t stop the two of them from becoming best friends and, eventually, soulmates. It was their enduring love for each other that allowed them to persevere through the extreme trials and tribulations of growing up in the shadow of a powerful wizard. And it was that love that drove Dudley to go on a killing spree that nearly ended in tragedy. Thankfully, the power of love was greater than the effect of the curse that transformed Dudley into a giant red-eyed rat. While it is unknown how much screen time Dudley will have in the new Harry Potter movie, it is certain that he will not be featured in as prominent a role as he is in the pages of the Harry Potter saga. We can only hope that this is because the great man has finally found the peace and contentment that he always craved. Let’s face it, being forced to live in a rat infested tower for so long must have made him quite lonely. And who wouldn’t be, spending their days cooped up in a tiny room, all alone, with nothing but a computer for company? So while we’re anxious to see more of the enchanting and witty Petunia on the silver screen, this may be one film in which we feel a little bereft. But then again, maybe not. At least there will be plenty of others characters to focus on.

Robert Pattinson Will Play Harry Potter

After years in the wilderness, the final Harry Potter movie will give us our first chance to see Harry Potter as an adult. Coming off his best performance to date as the tortured protagonist in David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars, Robert Pattinson will finally get the leading man treatment that he so richly deserves. As with all previous films in the series, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will be directed by James Cassells and will be produced by David Heyman. As a lifelong Harry Potter fan, Pattinson was fortunate enough to have contributed some seriously memorable performances to the franchise. While it’s great to see the characters in the pages of the magical Harry Potter books come to life on the big screen, we’re even happier to see how the actor has grown and changed over the years. From playing the part of the Boy Who Lived to becoming an esteemed man, Robert Pattinson has proven himself to be the ultimate Harry Potter.

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