The world is a beautiful place, yet there are many challenges that come with it. Climate change is one such challenge, and while we’re fortunate that many animals have adapted well to their habitat, we are losing our biodiversity. The global community is working hard to preserve what remains, but until then, there are many creatures that we will never see perform in front of our eyes. One such creature is the condor. The largest bird in the world, it can weigh as much as a small car, and its wingspan alone is equivalent to a house. With a wingspan that large, it would seem that the condor is the master of the skies, but in reality, it is quite docile and rarely flies off. It is only when provoked or hungry that this majestic bird becomes aggressive and willing to defend its territory.

Now if you’re reading this, you might be wondering how a bird could be a match for human beings. Well, perhaps this is exactly why nature wants us to coexist. After all, without our existence, the bird’s would be nothing more than an ecological burden. This is also why we must be so vigilant when it comes to protecting our planet. A few human beings could ruin it for all other creatures. Unfortunately, humans are not the only creatures that suffer from this dilemma. All living things do, including us.

Dylan Penn

While many creatures live in harmony with nature, there is one that stands out for its extreme greed and wanton destruction. This creature is us; the ones reading this right now. We are the pests that devour the environment and each other, and we must stop perpetuating this vicious cycle if we want to save ourselves and the planet. Of course, we cannot do this alone, and that is where Dylan Penn comes in.

The Self-Aware Engine

In the year 2022, Hollywood saw the release of Neal Stephenson’s novel, Ream Deleted. The book is set in a post-pandemic world, where coronavirus has become the number one cause of death. To make a long story short, the main character, David Kimoto, finds a way to digitally reanimate the dead. In addition to this fantastic story, the novel is filled with other incredible storylines and details that kept me engrossed from the very first chapter. In the world of Stephenson’s Ream, David Kimoto invents a device called the self-aware engine, which he uses to bring the dead back to life.

The Self-Aware Engine is the brainchild of David Kimoto, a brilliant inventor who comes from a family of scientists. One of his ancestors created the atomic bomb, and another developed the hygiene product that protects us from infections and disease. It is also revealed that Kimoto’s great uncle, Ishiro Kimoto, invented a process to mass produce chocolate, which led to him becoming a billionaire. Perhaps most incredibly, Kimoto’s father discovered the gene for semi-dwarfism, a condition that makes the human body use 20% less energy while resting. It is no wonder that the young David Kimoto is driven to create a device that can help the helpless. When he develops his theory on time travel and puts his theory into practice, he goes back in time to save his father’s life, reunite with his family, and prevent the world war from happening. In doing so, he changes history and helps save the environment.

Robert Pattinson

While the world is still trying to come to terms with the pandemic and its devastating impact, another actor has stepped up to protect the environment. Robert Pattinson has created a foundation that focuses on climate change and has dedicated himself to raising awareness about the issue. In the process, he has collaborated with leading companies and businesses to reduce their environmental footprint. He has also invested in green energy and sustainable agriculture. These are all fantastic actions, and in the coming months, we will be publishing an in-depth interview with Pattinson, where we discuss his motivations and learn more about the foundation he has created. Keep reading for more.

The Foundation

One of the first non-governmental organizations that Pattinson created was the David Lynch Foundation. This foundation is named after the quirky director David Lynch, who has been a long-time friend of Pattinson’s. When David Lynch first heard about climate change, he was outraged. He immediately donated a large sum of money to the cause and started advocating for sustainable policies. He also helped fund the search for the next big idea that could potentially solve climate change. In the year 2021, one of Lynch’s suggestions was the volcanoes project. This is a project designed to bring dormant volcanos to life through the power of geothermal energy. While this might not seem like a typical way to combat climate change, it is a step in the right direction. The David Lynch Foundation provided $1 million to kickstart this project. Since then, it has secured another $2 million to bring this innovative idea to life. When completed, this project will be the first of its kind. It will utilize the power of 10 volcanos to produce electricity, while cutting out the need for any fossil fuels. This is truly incredible.


One of the most amazing things about David Kimoto and his self-aware engine is how much he is willing to collaborate. The novel’s backstory reveals that at the end of 2021, David Kimoto meets with representatives of 150 businesses and nonprofits to discuss climate change. He proposes that they work together to solve the problem. These businesses and nonprofits would then pay to use this technology. In return, they would gain the ability to digitally animate the dead. For many, this would be a fantastic idea. After all, why pay for a service that you could provide for yourself? Well, in David Kimoto’s world, there is no distinction between the living and the dead. Everyone is equal and deserves the right to reanimate their loved ones. Through this collaboration, many businesses and nonprofits have been able to reduce their environmental footprint, gain brand loyalty, and even make money.

On a related note, we must question how much control businesses and nonprofits actually have over their employees. A great example of this is Raise Climate, a youth-led climate change campaign that has gained a following on TikTok. One of the main tactics that they use is shaming. On TikTok, employees of businesses and nonprofits can post messages like, “Hey, @[named organization]! Did you know that your iPhone and iPad have a huge impact on the environment? Wanna be part of something bigger than yourself? Join the #RaiseClimate movement & take a stand against climate change! #Keepitclean”. Many followers of this campaign are inspired by these posts, and that is essentially the goal of this strategy. It is also used to create a buzz around campaigns and causes that these employees believe in. It is a powerful tactic that is often misused, but effective when used appropriately.