I Have A Passion For Helping People

One of the reasons why I love being a doctor is because I am able to help other people. I was born and raised in England and always wanted to move abroad for college. After graduating from medical school in England, I moved to the United States and attended medical school in New York City. While in medical school, I started volunteering at a local homeless shelter. The staff at the homeless shelter would often tell me that my volunteering was helping them more than they were helping me. I thought about this a lot and finally decided that I needed a change. So I decided to become a doctor and help people the way I was helped while volunteering at the homeless shelter.

The Process Of Becoming A Doctor Is Very Hands-On

The whole process of becoming a doctor is very hands-on. You start by completing your undergraduate studies and then move on to your medical school. After you graduate from medical school, you must complete your residency. I recommend completing a minimum of 3 years of residency and trying to do a fellowship. A fellowship is when you go on to further specialize and focus on a particular area of medicine. There are many different specialties that you can focus on and I only recommend doing so after you have established yourself as an attending physician. You then take a medical board exam to become board certified. This is when you prove to the public and the insurance companies that you are capable of practicing medicine and are not just some fly-by-night doctor who just graduated from medical school.

Doctors Are Lifted Off On The Compliments Of Their Patients

One of the main reasons why I love being a doctor is because I get to practice medicine while being celebrated by my patients. If you visit my office or my hospital lab, you will see numerous plaques and trophies on the wall because of all the patients that I have saved. I have been told by many different people that my bedside manner is the best. One of my medical students said that he would never forget my humble beginnings and how I was able to help him through his residency. Without the patients that I have helped, I would not be able to help others the way that I do today. It is very relieving to save a life and see the gratitude on the patient’s face. I cannot thank my patients enough for all that they have done for me.

There is also a financial motivation behind why I love being a doctor. In the United States, doctors can usually bill insurance companies at a higher rate than ordinary people. This is because we have a higher rate of overhead and less bargaining power when it comes to our salary. If you are in a relatively expensive neighborhood, you can usually find an affordable surgeon. However, if you are in a less affluent neighborhood, you may have to look further than your local hospital for the best surgeon.

Being a doctor is a rewarding career if you love helping people. The pay is good, the patients are grateful, and you get to be known as a specialist in your field. If you are interested, I would recommend looking into medical schools in London or New York City. You will learn a great deal and be able to help more people as a result.