There is a new song being released today that could potentially change the course of your summer. It’s called “Let Me Sign” and it was written and performed by Robert Pattinson. For those of you who may not know, Robert Pattinson is an English actor, musician, and model. You may know him best for playing the lead character “Willy Lomax” in the Twilight Saga. He’s had huge worldwide success and has been listed as one of the “Top 100 Most Influential Celebrities in the World” by Forbes. He’s currently on tour promoting his new children’s book called “The Man Within.” I’m sure you’ve all heard about the movie “Twilight” which stars Robert Pattinson (it’s probably one of the most popular movies of all time). Well, “Let Me Sign” is actually from his prequel novel to “Twilight” called “Twilight Saga: Eclipse.” The song is a duet with English singer-songwriter Anna Fripp and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Let’s take a look at the lyrics and music video below.

The Lyrics

The first line of the chorus is, “Let me sign my name in the sand for a moment…” It sets the mood for the entire song perfectly. Very dramatic and cinematic. It’s the kind of line that makes you feel like you’re right back in the middle of that famous scene from “Twilight.” The song is about the “star-crossed lovers” scenario that happens in “Twilight.” The singer-songwriter Anna Fripp also provides the lyrics for the song. Here are the rest of the lyrics:

  • “Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” the prequel to “Twilight,” is the #1 best selling book of all time in the U.S. only be beat out by “Moby Dick” which is the #2 best selling book in the country. The book was recently turned into a major motion picture starring Jacob Black as Ahab and Robert Pattinson as Ishmael.
  • After the huge worldwide success of the first two “Twilight” films, Summit Entertainment started work on a prequel novel in 2014 (shortly after the release of “Eclipse”) which would continue where the first two left off. “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” was released in May 2015 and has already become a New York Times Bestseller. It’s been translated into over a dozen languages and is now the #1 bestselling book of all time in Poland, Russia, and Spain. Not bad for a prequel!
  • In “Eclipse,” Robert Pattinson plays the role of Jasper, a troubled young man who is more interested in leading a glamorous lifestyle than he is in maintaining a healthy relationship. He’s a complete opposite of the shy and innocent Edward, played by Robert Pattinson in the first two “Twilight” films. The movie also stars Connie Britton, Peter Outerbridge, and Taylor Lautner. 
  • “Let Me Sign” was written and recorded in the wake of the success of “Eclipse.” It is a sequel to “Twilight,” but it takes place thousands of years earlier. In the years since the events of the first two films, Earth has slowly recovered from the ravages of the pandemic.
  • “Let Me Sign” is the first song in English to be released from “Eclipse.” The album is entirely in English and includes some beautiful language. One of my favorite lines is in the chorus where he sings, “I want to write my name in your skin with a smile.”
  • The music video for “Let Me Sign” was directed by David LaChapelle and it again stars Robert Pattinson. It begins with a monochrome scene of the two lovers walking through a glade. One of the most unique and striking aspects of the entire video is the bright orange hues that enliven all of the characters and scenery. It’s very romantic and evokes the spirit of the era. The scene then cuts to a wide array of settings and characters including a circus, a battle, and even a zoo. Some of the characters wear masks which adds to the sense of mystery. It’s an interesting mixture of old and new that really makes this video stand out.

The Music Video

The music video is shot in black and white and it’s very cinematic. The director decided to go with a more conventional video style instead of going for a colorful or graphic look like some of his previous videos. Very refreshing change. It doesn’t hurt that the song is quite anthemic either and helps give the video that extra oomph.

The staging is quite elegant as well and Robert Pattinson’s character is clearly visible in many of the scenes. There is a lot of wide-angle photography and extreme close-ups which give the video a somewhat documentary feel. There is almost no dialogue in the video which adds to the dramatic effect. It’s quite an effective use of silence.

The music video also features cameos from well-known English singer-songwriter Paloma Faith, English pop singer-songwriter James Arthur, and English musician Nile. Paloma Faith and James Arthur sing backup vocals on the track as well. It’s a beautiful and emotional duet.

The video then cuts to a series of montages which include clips from the “Twilight” franchise as well as scenes from “Eclipse.” There are also some scenes that include clips from the original “Twilight” film and it is quite an interesting tribute to one of the most beloved and influential franchises of all time. It’s clear that a lot of thought went into the making of this video and it is definitely a fitting tribute to one of the coolest and most popular celebrity sons in Hollywood today.