We’ve all been there. You’re minding your own business, maybe scrolling through social media or spending some quality time with a book. Suddenly, out of nowhere, something shiny and charming appears, and you find yourself captivated — completely and utterly lost in a conversation, an Instagram post, or a simple exchange on Twitter.

But where did it come from? Who is behind the curtain, making the magic happen? And why does she (or he) choose to remain incognito? These are common questions that follow in the wake of any high-profile celebrity relationship. But while the answers may vary, what doesn’t change is that keeping a watchful eye on a celebrity can still be fun and, sometimes, even fruitful.

Whether you’re a diehard fan of pop music’s golden couple or you just want to keep abreast of the latest news, it’s possible to do both. And what better way to do both than by keeping a watchful eye on one of the most famous celebrity couples in the world?

With that in mind, here’s a roundup of some useful tips on how to keep your eyes on the couple behind the magic of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show — the spectacularly fashionable and richly glamorous Victoria’s Secret.

The Classics

As we’ve established, following a high-profile celebrity relationship can be extremely captivating, as it usually leads to heightened media interest and speculation about the couple’s personal life. But that’s not all there is to celebrity in the digital age. Just as pop music has changed over the years, so has celebrity behavior. Gone are the days when Hollywood stars courted media attention by throwing glamorous parties or engaging in high-profile relationships. Today, celebrities still want to be close to the public, but they do it in a more sophisticated way.

As a result, it’s not enough to just follow the trends — you should study them. One of the most influential people in today’s celebrity world is arguably Paris Hilton. A legendary socialite who rose to fame as the daughter of hotel mogul and media mogul Conrad Hilton, Paris has transformed the way in which we as an audience perceive celebrity. In 2007, Hilton purchased an 18-karat diamond for $150,00. Just one year previously, the same amount of money would have bought you a diamond of equal carat weight.

Hilton’s penchant for making headlines for the wrong reasons made her an easy target for the paparazzi. But her celebrity was never in question. She is frequently cited as one of the most influential people in celebrity journalism (along with editors of Vogue and Vanity Fair), and the way she conducted her life — both on and off camera — became a blueprint for a new generation of famous personas.

Instagramming, And Therefore Being Present

Instagram is one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms. It was initially launched as a simple and basic photo-sharing service, but over the years it has evolved into more than just a place to post your best shots. It’s now the go-to source news and entertainment for people all over the world. With over a billion active monthly users, the chances are you’ll be close to someone who uses the app regularly.

While Instagram’s growth is nothing short of phenomenal, it’s still a relatively new platform and, as a result, has a few quirks that give anyone trying to keep up a little tension. Despite being a widely used social media tool, video posts on Instagram aren’t indexed by Google, so they don’t show up when someone searches for your brand or product. Similarly, Facebook’s algorithm prioritises content that’s “meaningful and entertaining.” While that may not seem like a problem, it can certainly create some challenges for content creators who rely on this platform for their revenue stream. (1)

Instagrammers, and therefore brands, can work around this by using hashtags. A hashtag is a keyword or a phrase that appears in a post’s captions and in its corresponding comments. When someone posts a photo or video on Instagram with a relevant hashtag, it will show up in their followers’ newsfeeds if they choose to look for content relating to that hashtag. So, if you want to keep your content on topic and engaging with your audience, you should always include relevant hashtags in your posts. And remember: if you’re not using hashtags, you’re losing out on an important tool that can help you reach new people and develop new connections.

Liking, Then Commenting

Another way in which we, as a society, have changed our relationship with celebrity is through social media. More and more people are relying on online platforms like Twitter to connect with their favorite celebs. It’s now possible to follow the exploits of your favorite stars, receive notifications whenever they tweet, and engage with them directly through the platform. You can like their tweets, leave a witty comment, or even ask them questions.

The most successful stars use social media to their advantage. Take, for example, Justin Bieber, the Canadian pop star. His social media influence is such that even non-fans recognize him from the countless selfies he posts on various platforms.

Bieber has over 78 million followers on various social media platforms, which is insane. It would take you over a year to earn that many followers simply by following the basic guidelines of social media — like posting regularly and engaging with your audience.

Blogs, News Outlets, And Trade Fairs

The lines between traditional news outlets and celebrity-related blogs are blurred. Often, the two will work together to gain valuable publicity. In return, a celebrity might gain extra coverage in a magazine or newspaper. Or, a blog might re-publish an article from a renowned news organization.

This kind of media convergence means that you, the reader, might not be sure where to look when you come across a news story relating to a celebrity — whether it’s from a reputable news outlet or a blogger’s platform. One way of solving this problem is by studying the source. If you’re unsure about the credibility of a blog or news outlet, look for a source who can clearly articulate its credentials.

The Influencers

While traditional media outlets and bloggers still exist, they’re no longer considered authoritative figures in their respective fields. Today, anyone can become a “voice” for a particular brand or product. Influencers might leverage their social media presence to become an authority on a certain subject matter, based on their thousands, or sometimes even millions, of followers.

The most successful influencers have figured out how to combine traditional media with social media to gain global reach and credibility. For example, YouTube celebrity Grace Kim, a.k.a. “The Review Girl,” regularly incorporates video content into her otherwise traditional articles for major news outlets like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Similarly, makeup artist and beauty influencer Yeeun Sung incorporates fashion, beauty, and lifestyle videos on her YouTube channel to draw in and keep her audience.

The key is to learn from the best. If you want to become a successful influencer, you should examine the strategies of those who have gone before you. From deciding on a niche to identifying key influencers in your space, you can start by looking at the success of those who came before you.

The Key To Successful Following

While there are many ways in which you can keep your eyes on a celebrity, whether through social media or other platforms, one essential piece of advice is to always be on the look-out for shiny new things. Just because a celebrity is famous doesn’t mean they’re always going to keep surprising us with their unique fashion choices or Instagram-worthy moments. (2)

Sometimes, the most influential figures will go unnoticed for years before emerging as a key figure in a niche area — or, in the case of the Victoria’s Secret couple, before finding fame at all.

But if you want to stay close to the news and fashion world’s most talked-about couple, you should always look out for new material relating to them. If they make a guest appearance on a TV show or give an interview, these are often the types of platforms that will bring you closer to their world.