Since the early 1900s, Hollywood has been the land of opportunity for lovers and dreamers of all kinds. Nowadays, the big city remains the final frontier for those seeking passionate romance and a meaningful relationship. It might not officially be Spring yet, but thanks to the pandemic, many couples have found a way to make the most of the weather and their blossoming love throughout virtual means.

Douglas Booth, Robert Pattinson, and Ian Somerhalder are just a few of the famous faces to have found love (or lust) during this time. Here, we’re going to explore the blossoming romance that has sprung up in the heart of Hollywood.

Love At First Sight

When it comes to cinematic romance, few places are as famous as Hollywood. Since the early days of cinema, the city has been a mecca for those seeking passionate romance and a meaningful relationship. Many of today’s biggest stars can trace their love for each other back to the golden era of Hollywood.

The setting of the city is particularly romantic. Nestled within the California wilderness is a picturesque Hollywood hills, offering spectacular views of the city and an idyllic place suitable for falling in love. The hills are a constant drizzle of springtime rain, offering a romantic mist that floats above the cityscape.

Romantic Proposals

Whether it’s been brought on by the climate or the water treatment plants, dating back as far as 1905, the legend of the City of Angels is almost certainly going to continue. A whopping 59% of the population of Los Angeles County professes to be in the midst of a committed romantic relationship, with nearly a quarter of those in love saying that the crisis has actually brought them closer to their significant other.

To celebrate the opportunity to be with their loved ones during this pandemic, many couples in Los Angeles have taken the opportunity to pop the question. Whether it was choreographed to perfection or done (at least partly) in a hurry, these proposals have been captured in vintage photography and film.

One of the most famous proposals from this era happened just last year when the daughter of a Los Angeles County Supervisor proposed to her boyfriend, with guests including Megan Markle and Rachel Bilson witnessing the emotional moment. Bilson was spotted shedding a tear during the proposal.

While proposals are undoubtedly romantic, they’re not quite as sweet as some might think. Many couples, especially those aiming for an urban lifestyle, have been known to choreograph their proposals to music. If you’re desperate for some pop star-level romance, then Los Angeles is certainly the place to be. However, if you’d like to keep your proposal under wraps, then the City of Angels might not be the best place for you.

Couples’ Getaways

For those seeking a quieter and more intimate experience, there are plenty of destinations to choose from beyond the bustling streets of Los Angeles. The wine country of California is a beautiful place to unwind and spend some quality one-on-one time with your loved one. The Santa Ynez Mountains and the Los Padres National Forest in Santa Barbara County feature some of the most spectacular views of California’s scenic wine country. Plus, there’s plenty of romantic eateries and inns to choose from. Do try the rabbit food, though – it’s quite delicious!

Vows Of Love

If you’d like to add a little more excitement to your proposal, why not try and book a secluded spot in a canyon, with only the two of you and the spectacular views of the San Bernardino Mountains? The best proposal spots in California, according to planners, are definitely going to be searched for and bookended by stunning vistas of redwood trees and snowcapped mountains. You can also choose to read some sappy poems or play some romantic music. Does saying “I love you” a few times simply not feel like enough? If you want to add some extra magic to your proposal, book a secluded space of some kind and add some rose petals to the mix. It’s entirely up to you!

Not all proposals in Los Angeles are as heartfelt as those just mentioned. If you find yourself in a committed relationship with a person you’d like to propose to, the city is home to some of the most famous and romantic restaurants in the world. Perhaps, the most famous of which is the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Located in the Hollywood Hills, the cemetery’s atmosphere is certainly romantic. As one of the most luxurious cemeteries in existence, it’s not hard to understand why.

Those looking to propose in Hollywood might choose to do so at a restaurant there. It’s easy to find romance at a restaurant, even if it’s inside one. You can indulge in some truly one-of-a-kind dining experiences if you visit the right spots. You might also suggest a few places in advance so that your special someone has some ideas.

A Wedding To Remember

For those who managed to pull off a wedding during this time, congratulations! Your special day, whether you chose a big, traditional affair or a small, intimate celebration, was surely worth the wait. With so many restrictions gone, it’s time for those who were previously married to reconnect with their partners and create lasting memories.

If opting for a small ceremony with just a few family members and friends, why not choose a rustic vineyard for the event. It’s quintessential for every wine lover’s dream and the perfect spot for some truly unique wedding photographs. For a more luxurious affair, propose at one of the city’s most famous restaurants. The wedding cake here is supposed to be the mother of the bride’s favorite dessert, so you’re sure to have her squealing with delight. After the ceremony, guests are free to roam the grounds and indulge in some much-needed relaxation. What a way to end the wedding day!

The most romantic places in California aren’t just found in the heart of the city. Outlying areas like the Santa Monica Mountains and the city’s coastline offer wonderful picnic spots, perfect for those seeking some privacy. There’s lots of interesting history attached to these picturesque places. If you’re looking to propose on a beach or by the water, then definitely choose a destination that’s well-known for its beauty. If beaches aren’t your thing, then mountains are a great alternative, offering panoramic views of the city and, on a clear day, the endless Pacific Ocean.

For those seeking an outdoor, almost “off-the-grid” experience, there’s always Las Vegas. It might not have the beach, but what it lacks in scenery it more than makes up for in excitement. Book a room at one of the city’s most luxurious resorts and propose in the middle of a magnificent garden. Does the thought of exploring the city with your partner sound like something you’d like to do? A romantic weekend away with your loved one is certainly within reach. Pack your swimsuit and head for the beach!

The locations for any kind of proposal are going to become highly sought-after, especially given the restrictions that come with being in a committed relationship. This pandemic has certainly changed the way we will see proposals in the future. What a way to celebrate the special day!