Welcome to the Twitterverse, the world of tweets. On this site, you will discover all sorts of intriguing tidbits about famous people – from the latest news to the most hilarious jokes. You can find your favorite person’s tweets, and even search through archived content to discover all the juicy details about their lives. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the most interesting tweets about pop culture’s most popular individuals.

More Than Meets The Eye

It’s impossible to have a full understanding of any culture without getting into some way of talking about celebrities. Whether it’s through entertainment or sports or just plain old everyday life, almost everyone you know has an opinion about the most popular people in the country. And those opinions can vary from a simple “I like them” to a rather more complex “I understand them but I disagree with them” to “They’re stupid.” Whatever the case, celebrities permeate our culture, and it would be a shame to ignore this fact.

When it comes to celebrity, the more than meets the eye theory applies. These individuals don’t just have interesting or amusing or inspiring facts about their lives, they also have an uncanny ability to connect with others on a deep level. Through various media appearances and social platforms such as Twitter, these celebrities can reach literally millions of people. And it’s not hard to see why.

Robert Pattinson Is One Of The Most Pre-Destined Celebrities

Yes, we all love a good love story. It would be great to watch a beautiful actress or a handsome singer sing their feelings with the help of a pianist or a guitarist. But what if we never got to see that? What if the whole story happened before our very eyes and we were just along for the ride? That’s essentially what happened with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. They’ve been dating since 2010 and have a very devoted fanbase. In fact, it was recently reported that their followers number in the millions.

It’s always great when a celebrity pair sparks public interest. When they first came together, everyone was curious to see how they would look and act together. While Stewart is the more conventional choice (she’s even appeared in a couple of Harry Potter films), Pattinson has never truly been a “typical” leading man. In fact, he’s been doing his best to shake off the “spoiled” image that he claims came with his fame. He’s been the face of numerous prestigious fashion campaigns and has also graced the covers of numerous magazines.

Despite this, it’s still not easy to catch a celebrity doing anything “normal.” We always expect our celebrities to be different. Maybe something a little scandalous. Or, at the very least, unusual. It seems that everyone has an opinion about this very private couple, and most of them are very positive. So much so that it’s hard not to love them.

They’re Both Creative Free Spirits

Another interesting thing about these two is that they’re both extremely creative people. Stewart is an established and award-winning director, photographer, and painter and can frequently be found in interesting locations working on projects. She recently completed a photography book about her travels with musician husband Travis Scott and loves nothing more than a good challenge. And it seems that this creative lifestyle is what attracted Pattinson to her in the first place.

He’s always loved art and spent a large portion of his fortune buying and collecting works by famous artists such as Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst. Just like Stewart, he also has a penchant for off-beat locations and has been spotted in some pretty out-of-the-ordinary places. Some even claim that he owns one of the most prominent private art collections in the world.

Despite their artistic endeavors, both Pattinson and Stewart value privacy and haven’t been too fond of sharing their personal life with the world. It’s clear that they want to keep their romance all to themselves, and for that we can’t blame them. It seems that they might actually be afraid of getting too close to each other.

For the first time in their relationship, Pattinson decided to share some very personal news with his fans on Twitter. It was reported that he and Stewart had bought a home in the country and decided to make it their permanent residence. The news was met with a lot of positivity from fans, but it seems that Stewart wasn’t quite as excited about the idea of moving out of the city. She reportedly said, “I don’t really want to leave the city. I want to stay here and grow our family.” So, for now, it seems that they’ll have to settle for co-habiting or for Pattinson to adopt her as he’s proposed to do in the past.

They’re Both Ambassadors For Animal Welfare

It’s been a difficult year for animals, and it’s not like this trend will stop any time soon. It seems that celebrities are becoming more and more aware of the fact that we’re their best friends, and not just their moneymakers. As well as being the face of numerous fashion campaigns, Pattinson is also an ambassador for several animal-related charities. In fact, it was reported that he spends an average of four hours a day caring for his dogs, Basil, Moon, and Zoi. He also donates a large portion of his earnings to various animal welfare groups.

Stewart is also a very caring person and has dedicated a lot of her time to animal charities. After years of being photographed with various luxurious animals, she decided to finally make a difference and adopted a dog from a shelter. The pooch was named Bailey and they now spend every day together, snuggling and playing. It seems that the fear of committing to a lasting relationship has prevented these two from having children, but they certainly didn’t stop them from opening their home to four-legged friends.

Most Influential Couple

It would be easy for us to stop here, but this article would not be complete without some sort of conclusion. Having covered all the bases, we can safely say that the most influential couple of the decade is Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. It seems that their creative drive and desire to make a difference have led them to start a fashion and social media platform that’s changed the way we look at celebrities forever. And it’s all because they simply want to be different. That’s the kind of people we love in this industry.