If you thought things were awkward after the premiere of Rob Pattinson’s latest movie, then just wait until you see what’s going on now that the movie has hit the big screen. The 24-year-old actor was recently at the center of a media storm after he went on a seemingly random Twitter rampage following the premiere of his new movie, My Lover, My Husband. The film—in which Pattinson plays a dual role—premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, and the Twitter attack came after reports claimed that he had been unfollowing his millions of Twitter followers for weeks beforehand.

Is it any wonder why celebrities feel the need to be so guarded when it comes to their personal lives on social media? The world is a digital marketplace full of paparazzi and would-be stalker accounts, and it’s not always easy to keep your personal details private. If you thought things were bad before, just imagine what it’s like now that everyone has access to your Instagram account, your very private Twitter account, and your very personal Siri questions.

The Outcry From Fans

Pattinson’s social media attacks have now been followed by an outcry from his fans who accuse the actor of having betrayed their trust and not being himself in the movie. The upset fans took to Twitter with harsh words for Pattinson and the filmmakers behind the movie, writing, among other things, that the actor’s behavior was “shocking” and that he “never stood a chance” of being accepted as the best man in his wedding to Victoria Beckham.

While some have tried to defend the actor’s unfollowing of millions of Twitter followers, pointing out that he unfollowed everyone except for family and close friends, many are less concerned about the number of people he unfollowed and are more upset about the fact that he behaved so dishonestly in the first place.

Why Did He Do It?

It’s hard to say for sure why Pattinson decided to unfollow millions of Twitter followers, but it’s not hard to figure out why he did it. As the Washington Post noted, the unfollowing came after weeks of rumors that were swirling around the Internet, which claimed that he was feuding with his wife over the issue of fame and their shared bank account. According to the rumor mill, the couple was in the middle of a brutal fight and had even filed for divorce. 

It’s fair to say that these rumors had a certain element of truth to them. Just months before the wedding, the couple’s first collaboration, a cookbook entitled More Than Movable Feasts, was released, and their public displays of affection and overall air of happiness surrounding the book were a bit over the top. Even Vogue commented on the celebrity chef couple’s unusual public displays of affection, observing that it was “striking how some of the most memorable images from the wedding collection were of the host and his groom demonstrating their love through a series of intimate moments.”

However, it appears that the rumors were greatly exaggerated. While Pattinson and Beckham do have an incredibly loving marriage, the Washington Post was able to confirm that the chef and his wife had indeed gone through a rough patch and that the divorce rumors were false. Still, it seems that the unfollowing was a step taken out of anger and frustration toward the media and the public, which is something that many of his fans can relate to.

Whatever the reason behind the Twitter rampage, it’s safe to say that the fallout from it will be long-lasting. Apart from losing millions of Twitter followers, the upset fans have also taken to the social media platform to voice their concerns about the actor’s credibility and whether or not he’s telling the truth about the supposed feud with his wife. While it’s not yet known what, if any, negative impacts the Twitter unfollowing will have on the actor’s career, it’s clear that this scandal will not be easily forgotten.