Donald Trump has spoken out about his relationship with Robert Pattinson, branding the UK’s Next Top Model winner as “talented” and denying claims that their love affair was founded on a platform of fame.

The US President took to Twitter to comment on the 35-year-old’s claims that he is the love of her life, as well as sharing a black-and-white photograph of himself and the British actor alongside German singer and model Heidi Klum.

“Wasn’t involved,” Trump wrote. “I wasn’t involved.”

The pair were first linked in 2015 when a rumour emerged that the tycoon had secretly married his third wife, Melania. In April of that year, Pattinson was arrested in New York after allegedly smashing a beer bottle against a cab driver’s head. The incident was later labelled as “road rage.” Police sources had previously described the actor as a “maniac.”

Pattinson’s representative then issued a statement saying that the actor was “frazzy” after the New York incident and would seek help to “get through” his issues. In November 2018, the actor checked into a rehab facility in Los Angeles for treatment of addiction to opioids, alcohol, and cocaine.

Meanwhile, Klum wrote on Instagram that she had known the couple for years and saw them as closer friends than colleagues, adding that she hoped their relationship would remain private. “I totally support their right to privacy. They have been through a lot and we should respect that,” she said.


Meanwhile, in a separate interview with the UK edition of Elle, Pattinson described himself as “talented” and stated that he felt privileged to have worked with the world-famous designers of Marchesa. “I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with such brilliant people. I feel very lucky,” he said.

While he admitted that he had not always been the best at expressing himself creatively, he credited the success of his latest film, Good Luck Chuck, to the people who had encouraged him, including Trump.

“I don’t think there’s any question that Donald’s support and belief in my talent has given me the confidence to believe in myself,” he said. “He’s been a great friend and champion.”

‘A Platform Of Fame’

Speaking to ahead of the 2020 Tokyo International Film Festival, where he will present an award, Pattinson said that Trump had given him a platform to express himself creatively, adding that he hoped their working relationship would “inspire people.”

“I think that we have kind of a platform of fame that we can use to promote positive feelings and good will,” he said. “It can be a bit unsettling at the beginning, but then you realize that there’s probably a message in here for everyone.”

The 35-year-old added that he hoped his work with Trump would inspire people to “be the best version of themselves that they can be.”

The president was previously a vocal critic of the UK’s voting system, which he often described as “very unfair” and in need of an overhaul. When asked about the subject during a press conference in March 2019, he said: “I don’t think we should be competitive with them [the UK] on anything. I don’t. Not now, not ever. Why should we be competing with them? They’re a big country, and we’re a little country.”

‘I Am Not Obsessed With Vanity’

Trump has certainly displayed an affinity for the spotlight throughout his career, from his reality show The Apprentice to his campaign for the presidency and beyond. However, he has always been quick to downplay any accusations of vanity, saying that he avoids letting his public image get in the way of his work.

In his interview with Elle, the actor revealed that he was still in love with his longtime girlfriend, Frérénice, whom he met when she was 16 and he was 23. The pair have been together for 14 years and have two children together, daughter Lily-Rose, 10, and son Charlie, 7.

When asked if they would ever reconsider their relationship, given their advanced years, Pattinson paused and then said: “It’s such a difficult question to answer. I think that we are stronger as a unit and can handle things better than we would have been as individual people. We are more in tune with our feelings now than we ever were before, and I think that that’s what makes us a stronger couple.”

Pattinson then went on to share that he felt fortunate to have found a partner who respected and understood his career aspirations, adding: “I like to think of myself as a very genuine person, and I don’t behave like someone who is obsessed with vanity. For me, it’s never been about that.”

‘We Are Not Alone’

Pattinson’s comments come after a week of bombshell revelations about Trump and the people around him. The New York Times reported Sunday that in the months before his death, the president was so isolated that he contacted Andrew W.K., an American musician and YouTube star, for help. The two had a relationship that dated back to 2015 and discussed recording a duet together. W.K. reportedly drove to Trump’s office in New York and played him a demo of a new song they had written together entitled “I Stand Alone (without Mrs. Trump)” – a sentiment that evidently resonated with the president.

The report claimed that Trump asked for a verse from the song to be included in his 2020 inauguration ceremony. W.K. said that he was touched by the request and wrote a rap verse, which he performed at the event, dedicated to the president.

Meanwhile, in a separate interview with the Times, the musician said that he and the president had spoken at length about the state of politics in the US, with Trump citing that he was “the least racist person” he knew and W.K. expressing hope that his collaboration with the leader of the free world would “inspire people.”

“I think it will inspire people, and I think it should,” W.K. said. “I don’t think we should be afraid to push the envelope and be different and unique and stand out there by ourselves and not be defined by Trump or the Republicans or the Democrats. I think we need to be unique individuals and express our individuality.”

The singer-songwriter then went on to criticize those who had turned their back on the president, insisting that they would only hurt themselves by doing so. “I feel like people are either with us or against us. There’s no middle ground, and if people aren’t with us, then they’re against us,” he said. “Anyone who’s against us is likely to become our enemy… You have to stand with Trump, because you either stand with us or against us, and if you stand with us, then you’re likely to have a long and prosperous career.”

The Grammy-winning artist then offered a message of reassurance to those still in the dark about Trump’s relationship with W.K., declaring: “We are not alone, and we shouldn’t feel afraid to speak out.”

In a subsequent tweet, the president confirmed that his invitation to W.K. to perform at his inauguration had been extended and thanked the musician for his “kind words” and “support.”

Pattinson’s upcoming documentary, Good Luck Chuck, will explore the pair’s complicated relationship. The film, which will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in April, will follow the pair as they attempt to make music together despite their acrimonious personal circumstances.

While in New York to promote his new film, Pattinson will also be the guest on Friday Night Live on NBC, where he will take part in a conversation about his work and life. As well as discussing his upcoming film, the actor will also be quizzed on matters concerning Donald Trump and the 2020 presidential election.

The UK’s Next Top Model winner has kept a relatively low profile in the media since winning the show in 2015. However, she has continued to make occasional public appearances, including at London Fashion Week in January 2020, where she showed off her latest collections for Burberry, Versace, and Marc Jacobs. During the show, attendees were treated to a 15-minute “performance” from the model, who strutted the catwalk for the designers in the hope of impressing the world’s most powerful men.