The Twilight Saga: Ecliptic, the third installment in the immensely popular and profitable Twilight Saga was just about to screen in theaters across the country when news broke that its main star, Robert Pattinson, had suffered a minor motorcycle accident. The news spread like wildfire and the media went into a frenzy. Some sources went as far as to say that he had been thrown off his motorcycle and was hospitalized following the accident.

The truth is that while it’s true that he had been on his bike, he hadn’t been thrown off. Instead, he had skidded on some ice and had ended up in the hospital due to the severe head injuries he had sustained in the accident. The following is a brief overview of the incident and the fallout that stemmed from it.

The Accident

On February 24, 2015, at 8:30 pm PST, Robert Pattinson was traveling on a motorcycle on London’s Kilburn High Road when the accident occurred. He had just finished a concert that had been held at the Royal Albert Hall and was on his way home. He didn’t wear a helmet and was going the wrong way down a one-way street. Witnesses said he was speeding and had lost control of his bike. It skidded for about 60 feet before hitting a tree and coming to a stop. Some sources say that before losing consciousness, Pattinson told bystanders that he was all right and that he would be going home soon. However, in the weeks that followed, he revealed to the press that he had been experiencing headaches and dizziness for months due to an injury he sustained in a fall during the filming of the Twilight Saga: Ecliptic. He also mentioned that he had trouble remembering things and had to write down quotes and lyrics from songs. These symptoms are consistent with what is known as “papilledema,” a thickening of the blood vessels in the brain that can cause serious damage and even be life-threatening. The condition is caused by high blood pressure and usually begins with headaches, blurred vision and a feeling of heaviness in the head. In some cases, it can lead to partial paralysis and, in extreme cases, death.

The Hospitalization

Once news of his motorcycle accident reached the press, pictures and videos of Robert arriving at the hospital were plastered all over social media. He was then transferred to a neurotrauma unit for further treatment. At the time of this writing, he is still in the hospital and is reportedly “making slow but steady progress.” In the days that followed the accident, his condition was made public and fans and well-wishers from around the world packed the hospital waiting rooms. Many sent him get well cards and flowers. Many more left messages on his voicemail, offering their support and praying for his swift recovery.

While he was in the hospital, his bandmates from the Dirty Projectors played a special show for him. They reportedly played several of his favorite songs and did their best to cheer him up. They also bought him all of the Weird Al albums in case he found that funny or uplifting. Many of his friends and family have kept a relatively low profile since his accident but have been spotted from time to time at his various hospital appointments. The most recent sighting was on Easter Sunday when he was seen wandering the grounds of the hospital accompanied by a small entourage. The media has gone into overdrive, speculating about his current condition and whether or not he will make a full recovery. They’ve also been busy discussing the circumstances surrounding the accident and whether or not he was at fault. Some have placed the blame on the hospital for not warning him about the one-way street and not looking after his safety properly. While it is true that he had not been wearing a helmet and was going the wrong way down a one-way street, he had been traveling at a fairly slow pace and had not been speeding or in a hurry. The press has also gone on a crusade to find out who his medical professionals are, demanding to know if they are “real doctors” or if he was seeing “quack-doctors” who barely have any experience. It seems that while he was in the hospital, people were doing their best to make sure that he was well-versed in all things medical, fearing that he might not have the highest opinion of doctors after what he had recently been through. In any case, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that he will make a full recovery and be back on the road to health soon.

The Repercussions

While we were all eagerly awaiting news of his recovery, it began to seem as though this was going to be the end of an era. The Twilight Saga: Ecliptic had been set to be released in theaters across the country on March 24 but was pushed back a few weeks due to ongoing speculation surrounding Pattinson’s accident. After the accident, it was hard to find anyone who hadn’t heard of him or about the accident. In the weeks that followed, the media went into overdrive, examining every part of his life, from his childhood to his relationships with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. They wanted to know everything about him and have probably already forgotten about the accident itself. The fact that he had been in a coma for part of the time didn’t help matters either. The gossip sites were especially busy, trying to fill the void left by the media and fans by putting out endless amounts of gossip and untruths. This is the main reason why, to this day, people are still talking about the accident and its aftermath even though it was over a year ago.

Will He Return As An Actor?

Not necessarily. While he has been in and out of the hospital several times since the accident, most people expect that he will not return to acting anytime soon. One of the main reasons behind this is that he seems to prefer his time off rather than spend it in front of the camera. Since the accident, there have been talks of him possibly doing some sort of reality show but, for the most part, he seems to be living his life in privacy.

Then, earlier this year, it was revealed that he had signed on to play the lead in Woody Allen’s next film, a role that will reportedly require him to wear a wig and make heavy use of his American accent. Allen had to rewrite the screenplay as a result of an injury to one of his actors and had to push back the premiere date. It is now set for this fall and, should he decide to take the role, it would be the first major project he has been involved in since the accident.

Will He Become More Private?

It’s entirely possible. Since the accident, he has received a lot of praise for how well he has handled himself during this time of uncertainty. Many have noted that he has kept a remarkably level head, displaying an incredible amount of patience and grace under pressure. This seems to be paying off. Although he hasn’t given any official statements about the accident or how he feels about it today, it seems as though he is determined to put it behind him and move on with his life.

It’s been a rough year for him but he seems to be doing his best to keep busy. He was last seen in public at a photo shoot for Dior during Paris Fashion Week. His representatives have said that he is looking forward to getting back to work and putting these last months behind him. Keep your fingers crossed that he will soon be back on the road to health and happiness and that fans will be able to enjoy his talents on the big screen once more.