If you’re reading this, then you must have heard the news about Robert Pattinson’s (R.Pattinson) recent split from Veronica Elizabet (V.Elizabet). What happened? Well, this lovely Frenchwoman convinced the 27-year-old actor to give up his bachelorhood and settle down with her. They started seeing each other back in October 2018 and got engaged in November. But, after only a few months, Robert decided to call it quits and filed for divorce just six weeks ago.

And what do we have here? One of the most recognizable celebrity wigs in existence. Was it just a fluke that the King of Queens was wearing this particular piece of headwear when the paparazzi swooped in? Or is this the beginning of the end for Robert Pattinson’s bachelorhood?

The Main Problem

First of all, let’s get the bad news out of the way. Even if you’re not sad to see Robert and Veronica splitting, then you have to admit that this is a pretty bad break up. The couple’s Instagram posts from the past few months have shown only cold shoulders and heartache-filled snaps. It seems like the passion that once flew so freely between them has turned into a painful affair.

Actions speak louder than words, however, and in this case, the actions clearly show that something has changed. While the couple was once affectionate and showered each other with emotional posts, they’ve now become distant and uncharacteristically private on social media. Their sporadic Instagram posts are filled with mundane daily activities with very little emotional content. It seems like this is all part of some carefully thought-out plan, designed to keep their romance under wraps. That or, perhaps, they’ve reached the end of their relationship and are trying to protect their loved ones from the heartbreak.

Now, onto the good news. Despite all this gloom and doom, there is still hope for Robert Pattinson. He may not be able to have a normal life with Veronica Elizabet. But he can have a normal life without her, and that’s what’s important.

Signs of Hope

The signs of hope are everywhere. Take a look at their Instagram posts from before and after their breakup. Pre-breakup, the couple were affectionate, sharing sweet kisses on camera and filling their feed with romantic imagery. They also had a close relationship with their fans, engaging with them regularly on Instagram and thanking them for their support.

After the breakup, however, everything changed. The couple stopped sharing intimate moments with us and, instead, kept a distant facade on social media. This is a clear sign that their marriage is over and that they are focused on making the best of their split. It is also a clear sign that they do not wish to be associated with each other any more. And that’s something we can all respect.

This does not mean, however, that the pain has gone away. It just means that they’ve grieved and now must learn to live with a fresh wound. When you’re hurting, it’s easy to let your guard down and open up to others; especially when that person is someone you love and trust. For this reason, the fans who have remained by their side are the ones who can offer the most comfort in these dark times. They know what they’re talking about and will have no problems showing the world how much they care. In a way, the fans are the key to bringing Robert and Veronica back together. They need to feel that they can trust each other again and that their relationship can be rebuilt from the ground up. If they can learn to love again, then we, as their fans, would be more than happy to watch them start a new, and hopefully, happier chapter in their lives.

Why Did This Happen?

So, what exactly happened between Robert Pattinson and Veronica Elizabet? There are several theories as to why this breakup occurred, and none of them are very pretty. Some people believe that the split was a result of Robert’s partying ways. While he’s been very private about his personal life, we know that he’s spent a lot of time in London and been seen partying with his blonde curly hair flaunted. Could Veronica finally have had enough and decided to end the affair? Some people think it’s because of the paparazzi. After all, there’s been a steady stream of rumors linking the two for years. Perhaps, one or both had enough of the public spotlight and wanted to start a new life away from the media spotlight.

Then, of course, there’s always the classic “love problem”. Most likely, one of them had an affair while the other was in a committed relationship. After years of marriage proposals and countless romantic dinners and walks, the spark just never seemed to go out of their romance.

Whatever the case, this is one romance that definitely did not have a happy ending. But that does not mean that there’s not still hope. With the right treatment, support, and a little bit of luck, this breakup can still have a happy ending.

So, does Robert Pattinson wig or not? We won’t know for sure until we see how he carries on. But if we had to make a guess, then we’d say “no”, he does not. In our opinion, he makes an adorable bachelorette, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.