While in Europe promoting his new film, The Rover, Robert Pattinson stopped by a Dublin photobooth to have some photos taken with fans. The result was a flurry of internet speculation about whether or not he’s wearing a wig in the pics.

The photos (below) show Pattinson with quite a few different hairstyles, sporting a variety of wigs. While some of the photos could just as easily be interpreted as Bruce Wayne (Batman’s alter ego) wearing a wig, it’s fairly clear that he’s not. For one thing, his hair is too short for a full head of hair.

In one of the photos, he’s wearing a white and red flower crown, which is closer to what the Caped Crusader would wear. However, it’s also possible that the photos were just a publicity stunt and he wasn’t wearing a wig at all.

What Is The Current Status Of Robert Pattinson And Batman?

When we first posted about this story, it was being discussed among fans and media as a real possibility that Robert Pattinson would star in a Batman movie. But since then, the topic has largely been dropped and it doesn’t seem like he’s been associated with the caped crusader in years. Not even in the most recent and highly publicized photo shoot.

It is important to keep in mind that this is just a rumour. There is no confirmation that Robert Pattinson, the actor, is in fact playing the character of Bruce Wayne in the upcoming movie adaptation of the DC Comics character. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. For now, it’s just an assumption.

The same goes for a lot of the other actors and characters connected to the Batman universe. For the most part, the speculation is fun to follow, but it’s mostly just that – speculation. No one really knows what’s going on behind the scenes of all these movies and shows.

The truth is, we may never know if Robert Pattinson wears a wig (or any kind of hairpiece) in the upcoming Batman movie. But we do know for sure that he’s not wearing one in the photos below, which were taken almost four years ago. So if you see Robert Pattinson, don’t be fooled by any old wigs. He probably hasn’t been blessed with incredible hair and he most certainly has not been born with a stunning birthmark on his forehead. He wears a wig only when he’s wearing a mask.

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