Wondering if Robert Pattinson really wants kids? We delved into the most popular theories and found the results may surprise you.

Do They Want To Be Parents?

The most popular theory explaining Pattinson’s non-parenthood is that he and FKA twigs didn’t want to be parents, so they decided to wait. The pair tied the knot back in 2014, and they haven’t publicly revealed whether or not they’ve started a family since then. However, people close to the couple reportedly believe they’ll have children in the near future. In 2018, Twigs opened up about her future as a mother, saying, “I’d like to have boys. I think it would be cool to have more brothers. I’d like to make more room in my heart for them.”

While Twigs’ comment might suggest that being a father is what Pattinson most wants out of marriage, the actor isn’t ready to make that commitment yet. In fact, he wants to take time off from his busy schedule to enjoy a life with Twigs first. A source told People, “He wants to focus on her for a while before he thinks about kids.”

Theory #2: They Don’t Know What They Want

Another popular theory explaining Pattinson’s non-parenthood has to do with the fact that he and Twigs have never actually discussed children. In fact, it’s been said that they don’t even know what they want out of life together. With all the speculation about their future, it’s been hard to determine exactly what Pattinson wants, but his desire for “normalcy” seems to be a key reason why he doesn’t want kids, yet. In an interview with Wonderland Magazine, Pattinson revealed, “I want to live a normal, quiet life. I want to grow old with my wife. I don’t want any children.”

While most people would consider that answer to be perfectly normal, it still wouldn’t necessarily explain why he doesn’t want to be a father. Maybe what Pattinson really wants is the ability to be with Twigs and live a relatively normal life without all the speculation that comes with fatherhood. Of course, that’s just a theory. We may never know for sure what makes Robert Pattinson tick. But if nothing else works, you can always adopt!

Theory #3: They Want To Be Artists

There’s also the theory that Pattinson and his wife don’t want to give up their artistic careers to be parents. The actor is already a famous artist, and he’s been making a living off his talent for years. The possibility of becoming financially stable as an artist might be what’s getting in the way of him making a family. In an interview with Wonderland Magazine, Pattinson said, “I want to make my wife’s dreams come true. Then, if she wants to be an artist, I will support her 100 percent.”

As an art director, Pattinson has worked on big-name films like Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Twilight. With so much money and influence in the industry, it’s no wonder that he wants to make sure that Twigs gets her chance in the spotlight. If nothing else works, you can always fall back on your artistic skills. Maybe you’ll be able to make a living out of your art, and you won’t have to worry about financially supporting your family.

It’s been said that every man’s dream is to grow up and become a parent. For Robert Pattinson, it may be closer to reality than you think. Will he one day be a father? Only time will tell.