The past few months have seen a massive wave of pop culture-related media coverage, due mainly to the overwhelming success of the Netflix series, The Crown. The series depicts the early life of Queen Elizabeth II, spanning from the late 1930s until the present day, and features an ensemble cast, including the likes of Emily Mortimer, Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz, and Joe Accoville. Although the show is set in London, much of the action takes place in the countryside, making it a bit of a holiday for those in the UK, who might prefer to spend their Sunday afternoons catching up on The Crown rather than walking the dog or taking the kids to Piccadilly Circus for some trot cycling (my personal favourite).

The Netflix series has undoubtedly been one of the most influential TV shows of the past year, touching on everything from fashion and design to royalty and politics. And what would a pop culture-related media roundup be without some Kardashian connection? Well, in this case, the link goes to Amal Kardashian and Robert Pattinson, the couple behind The Crown’s most recently released mini-sequel, The King’s Speech. In keeping with the media trend, this article will investigate the social media presences of Amal, Robert, and their couple of children, Princess Twinnie (b. 2019) and Mr. Spencer Pattinson (b. 2015).

Amal: Following In The Kardashian Way

As the Kardashian couple follows the Queen Elizabeth II example and maintains a very public profile on social media, it seems only fair to explore Amal’s personal social media habits and activities. Unsurprisingly, given her family’s media clout, Amal spends a lot of her time on Twitter, favouring the platform over other social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok, which have gained a significant amount of popularity in the past couple of years. On Twitter, Amal currently has over 847,000 followers, while her Instagram and TikTok accounts boast over 4 million and 8.6 million followers respectively.

When it comes to Amal’s personal brand, she favours understated yet classy fashion and accessories, which still manage to be on-brand for the couple, and influenced by the couple’s desire to inspire their followers. For example, Amal and Robert recently partnered with Kate Moss to launch a brand new collection of handbags and duffel bags, named after their couple’s first child, Prince Alberto Moss Kardashian. The collection features Moss Kate’s wedding dress, and Amal and Robert’s engagement ring.

Although Amal mostly keeps to herself in the couple’s Instagram stories, she did post a couple of times about the design process behind the collection. In one post, she shared a series of notes she made, jotting down her ideas and insights as she worked on the handbags, from the very first concept to the final product. The designer also shared a few tips on how to execute certain machines and use specific types of woven fabrics.

Robert: Leading By Example

As a celebrity spokesman for Red Carpet Accessories, Robert is well-known for his work outside of acting. But his fame extends far beyond the world of accessories too. For example, the multi-hyphenate is also a fashion icon and a source of inspiration for millions of fans across the world. On social media, Robert is known to be an active user, sharing posts on a regular basis.

It’s been a while since Robert last graced our screens in a film – since 2012’s The Awakening, which was a stealth pitch for his then-wife, Katie Spencer. Since then, Katie Spencer has had a few ventures in camera, before settling back into being a full-time wife and a mother. Although Katie Spencer hasn’t set the world on fire with her film work, she has kept the focus of the most recent movies and TV show versions of her life entirely on herself and her fame. This is evident in the fact that she hasn’t had a single major acting role since 2012’s The Awakening.

With his work with Red Carpet Accessoryions and other high-profile clientele, Robert clearly isn’t short of opportunities to speak about fashion and design. And, as with Amal, he often tweets about the process of making a film, sharing his opinions and insights along with a couple of selfies.

The Kids: Following In The Pattinson Way

Like many famous couples, the Kardashian couple keeps a low profile when it comes to their children’s social media presences. Although they don’t spend a lot of time on the sidelines, they’re active on all sides of the digital sphere. The couple regularly posts on their kids’ social media accounts and has even started a private Instagram account for Twinnie, in case she wants to share her love for snacks and dresses with her friends. (Yes, even though she’s only two years old, Twinnie already has a handful of Instagram followers, most of whom are influencers or famous parents, seeking to engage the couple in a discussion about their royal diet or choice of fabric for a costume.)

On the other hand, Mr. Spencer Pattinson’s official Instagram account is rather bizarre. It’s set to private and is controlled by a professional Instagram manager, who shares the same last name as the actor. We can’t help but wonder if the couple’s decision to keep Mr. Spencer Pattinson’s account private is a joke at our expense, considering that we, the general public, might learn a lot from the couple’s lifestyle and insights.