It’s now been two whole months since Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson ended their three-year relationship. The former couple’s public split was made even more bitter by the fact that it was leaked that Robert had cheated on her with several other women. While the exact details of Robert’s infidelity remain a mystery, we can at least confirm that he did indeed have a string of failed relationships before meeting his Twilight co-star and wife-to-be, Bella Swan.

Since then, Robert has mainly kept a low profile. While he did make headlines when he checked into a Swiss wellness hotel for a “spiritual retreat,” his sporadic social media presence offers very little in the way of evidence that he’s moved on from the heartbreak of breaking up with Kristen. In fact, the only indication that he’s changed at all is that he’s started wearing cologne.

Has He Moved On?

It’s certainly fair to say that Robert has not moved on from Kristen. While the two never officially got back together or even officially talked since their breakup, they’ve continued to be in each other’s company. And if their recent photos are anything to go by, they’re clearly still very much in love.

As for whether or not Robert still cares for Kristen, the answer is seemingly still yes. Despite the fact that they’ve been broken up for over two months, he still shows up at her house when she’s there and they still seem to have deep affection for each other. If anything, Robert’s affection may even be increasing since their breakup, as their recent photos together indicate.

While it’s only fair to say that Kristen has moved on from Robert, I don’t think she’s moved on from her feelings for him. Even now that they’re no longer together, she opens up about her break-up in her upcoming autobiography. And, although her account of their romance is discreet enough not to violate her nondisclosure agreement, it still offers plenty of details about their breakup and its impact on her life.

Why Does Robert Still Care For Kristen?

For one, they’re both actors, and as we’ve discussed before, the entertainment industry provides a platform for those who want to keep their private lives private. Since their breakup, Robert has been working hard to keep his celebrity status while maintaining his privacy. And, although he’s not in a relationship himself, he clearly has a lot of interest in the ones around him, as evidenced by the many women he’s dated and/or hooked up with. And, although he’d like to keep this private, the fact that Kristen is transgender has now made their romance a prominent topic of conversation, and a conversation he wants to have.

As I’ve written about previously, the two have a lot in common, and they’re clearly still connecting on a deeply personal level. Their relationship is undoubtedly still very much a love/love relationship, but it’s also clearly evolved into something more mature and responsible. They’re both 33, and they’ve been together for almost half of their lives. This is a relationship that’s definitely had its share of growth and change, but they’ve stuck by each other through thick and thin and remain very committed to each other. While they’ve broken up, they’ve never really ‘finished’ breaking up. And, for better or worse, it seems that this is a relationship that just won’t die. Not that they want it to. They’ve both clearly stated that they still very much love each other and want to be together. And, even now that they’re not, they remain very much committed to each other and their friendship. It’s safe to say that the two will always have a special place in each other’s hearts, and their profound connection will clearly never fade.

Is It Just Romance?

It would be inaccurate to say that Robert’s ongoing dedication to Kristen is limited to romance. The two clearly remain friends, and this friendship is even evident in Robert’s continued visits to her house. So while it’s certainly fair to say that their romantic connection remains very much a part of their relationship, it would be equally as accurate to say that their friendship has evolved into something more. And, considering that they’ve been together for over half of their lives and have known each other since they were just 18 years old, it’s clear that they’re way beyond just friends. That they care for each other deeply and have established a committed relationship is undeniable.

Their profound connection is evident not only in their photos, but also through their words. While they’ve both remained private about their romance, they’ve openly discussed their feelings throughout their relationship. In fact, one of the things that attracted them to each other was the fact that they could feel comfortable enough to be open and honest with each other. They’ve both acknowledged that their frankness has in fact served to strengthen their relationship, paving the way for a deeper connection and stronger bond. In this way, their relationship can be seen not only as a romantic one, but also as a friendship that evolved into something more.