Since being discharged from the U.S. military, Robert Pattinson has been on a fair share of adventures. The former enlisted man has been spotted around the world, from the Mediterranean to the Arctic Circle. One of his more recent escapades involves traveling to Australia to film the third installment of his Twilight Saga. While the actor was there, he made his presence known by visiting various landmarks and taking part in various activities. One of those activities was eating bowls of porridge, which is a traditional breakfast in the country.

Traditional Breakfast

As reported by, the 32-year-old former soldier enjoyed a traditional Aussie breakfast staple that contains both brown sugar and butter. According to the source, the British actor tried the meal, which is made with wheat and oats, and said it reminded him of one of his favorite comfort foods, Scottish fish cakes. “They were the size of a baby’s head and had this really great texture – kinda like a very doughy patty. It’s like a combination between a potato and a pancake. It was the best,” he said.

A Brave New World

Pattinson wasn’t the only famous person who indulged in some of Australia’s finest culinary delights. While in Sydney, the city where he filmed a number of scenes for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, he visited the world-class restaurants and eateries that the city is known for. One of them was Lido, located on the banks of the Sydney Harbor. The eatery’s menu offers classic Australian meals like spiedies (shrimp), and fish and chips. The restaurant also serves unique dishes like crocodile and kangaroo tartare. For chocolate lovers, head to Observatory Hotel’s Bar Dobson, which offers single-origin chocolate bars made from the finest chocolate in the world. To end the night, guests can’t help but indulge in one of Australia’s most iconic desserts – chocolate cake with whipped cream and caramelized pearls.

A Night Out In The City

While in Sydney, Pattinson and co-star Bella Swan took the opportunity to explore the city. The duo started the evening by having dinner at Sydney Theatre Company. After the performance, the two took a stroll along the waterfront, looking for some dessert. After discovering one of Sydney’s best ice cream shops, they decided to share a pot of wine before heading to a nearby bar for drinks. Later, as twilight turned into night, they ended up at a hotel bar, where they indulged in one of Sydney’s most iconic beverages – a cold beer.

A Siesta In the Country

On the other side of the country, in the hinterlands, Pattinson was seen dining with co-star Bryce Dallas Howard. According to Australian media reports, while in Brisbane, the pair indulged in some late-evening grub at Rock’s Fish Market. Having a bite before filming began in the morning is said to have helped the crew work more efficiently. After the meal, the two traveled to a vineyard to learn about their film’s wine-related theme. While there, they tasted various varieties of grapes, had a few glasses of wine, and even got to touch the ivy that the film’s set is based on. In the morning, everyone enjoyed a big breakfast before filming began.

A Change Of Clothes

On the last day of his Australian sojourn, Pattinson changed out of his military uniform into a more civilian-like outfit. The former enlisted man swapped his military accessories – such as boots and jacket – for a pair of slouchy shoes and a sports coat. To top it off, he put on a plain white tee shirt, which is one of the most popular items amongst local men. As his final gesture, he gave the people of Australia a peace sign – a symbol of good luck and hope.

An Ode To The Country

It’s safe to say that Australia is extremely fortunate to have welcomed back a Hollywood star like Robert Pattinson. The country is well-known for producing beautiful and talented individuals like the actor, whose Twilight Saga films have made him a global superstar. While in Sydney, Robert Pattinson could have spent his time relaxing on a beach or in a luxury hotel. Instead, he decided to travel thousands of miles away from home and immerse himself in the local culture. Now that he’s back, it’s only fair to say that the entire country is benefiting from his visit.