We’ve all been there. You’re driving along, listening to a beautiful song on the radio and it instantly pops up in your head. You feel the need to sing along, but not quite sure if you can carry a tune. Fear not! With a little bit of research, you can discover if your favourite celebrity can actually sing. So check out these top ten facts about Robert Pattinson that will make you believe he can sing.

1. He Started Out As A Musician

Pattinson started out his career in music, writing and playing music for film and television shows, with a particular love for the English rock band The Rolling Stones. He played guitar and even drummed on a track with the band. He released two EPs in his twenties, which are now highly collectable. He later went on to study drama at London’s prestigious Rose Bruford College. He graduated in 2007 and took the year off to do some travelling and work on his fitness. In 2009, he made his acting debut in the film, Happy-Go-Lucky and went on to play the male lead in the film adaptation of Twelfth Night. Since then, he’s mainly worked in television and film, with a recurring role as Harry Potter’s best friend, Dudley Dursley, in the wizard series. Though he’s mainly been typecast as the ‘loveable rogue’, he’s demonstrated his singing talent in multiple films and television shows.

2. He’s Been In Several High-Profile Relationships

Pattinson has been in several high profile relationships, with some of the most influential women in Hollywood, including Twilight star Kristen Stewart. He started dating Stewart in 2010 and over the next year, they went on to create a beautiful daughter, Apple. It was their very public relationship that helped Pattinson become more comfortable in his own skin and we can see how much this has helped his acting career. They announced their separation in the summer of 2014 and began filing for divorce in January 2015. Since then, Pattinson has been romantically linked to French actress and singer, Lea Mercedes. They were previously engaged to be married and their wedding was due to take place in May 2019. They’ve been together for nearly three years and are known to have created a family friendly environment in their home. In June 2019, they announced they were expecting their first child together.

3. He Was Once Nudged On-Screen By His Mother

Pattinson’s mother once nudge him on-screen to stop him from singing in the film adaptation of Les Misérables. He didn’t actually sing in the movie, but it’s still a memorable moment. Hopefully she didn’t do that too much, otherwise he might have a problem handling his vocals in real life.

4. He Was Inspired By Marjorie Merriweather Post

The American socialite, Marjorie Merriweather Post, was a major inspiration for Pattinson, which is no surprise as she was known to be quite the jazz singer. As a child, he would look out for her coming in to the Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel in New York, where she would entertain guests with her singing. In an interview with Vogue in 2017, he said: “There’s something about the timelessness of jazz, the way it exists in all corners of the world, that appeals to me. I have always loved the idea of a world leader touring with her band, making stops in little towns like ours.” Though he didn’t actually say he wanted to be a world leader, it’s probably safe to assume this was something he was thinking about. He’s already featured on the cover of Vogue Paris, so he’s already leading somewhere. We’ll have to wait and see where he decides to take us.

5. He’s A Member Of The Most Influential Society In Hollywood

Pattinson is a member of the most influential society in Hollywood, the Zoetrope Guild. The group was originally founded in 1914 to give disadvantaged actors a chance to learn and grow as professionals. Its members include some of the biggest names in Hollywood. While he’s not necessarily an ‘impressed’ member, he’s been seen at several events, including the 75th anniversary of the American Theatre Wing and was even recognised for his work at the Getty Institute’s New York Times photography exhibition. He’s even hosted multiple panels at the Guild’s annual awards ceremony. It’s an amazing organisation that has done a tremendous amount for the industry. Though he’s not always been accessible to the media due to his busy schedule, he’s shown some really nice things about himself, especially considering his young age. Hopefully he continues to participate in the guild’s events, as they have been a great help to his career.

6. He’s An Expert Guitarist

Though he’s probably best known for his acting, it’s safe to say that Pattinson is an expert guitarist. He often plays guitar in his spare time and has even recorded a few songs, including a guitar instrumental entitled, ‘Happy Birthday’. Though he mainly plays guitar for the enjoyment of himself and his friends, he’s demonstrated a lot of talent as he’s been spotted playing live sets with some of the biggest names in contemporary music, including Muse, Taylor Swift, John Dry Ferry and even Robert Pattinson himself. He’s performed with many bands over the years and though he’s always been best known for his comedy chops, it would be a shame to see this talent go to waste, as he has a very good voice. If nothing else, let’s have him belt out a few songs on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

7. He Has An Enormous Following On Social Media

While you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re on one of the platforms below, either Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. Chances are, you’ve seen or heard of Robert Pattinson and his music. He has over 700,000 followers on Twitter, 6.6 million on Instagram and over 2.9 million on YouTube. It would seem he’s quite the social media star, with lots of admirers around the world. Though he doesn’t always respond to the many well-wishers that follow him on social media, he has demonstrated his gratitude for his fans on a number of occasions. In October 2018, he donated £25,000 to the British Museum’s Syria Campaign, after his sister was inspired to paint a stunning picture of a Bedouin girl, which was then engraved on a plate and presented to the singer.

8. He’s A Fashion Icon

Pattinson has always been considered a ‘style icon’, especially since his early work in Snow White and the Huntsman. Since then, he’s gone on to establish himself as an artist that is unique in his own right. He’s designed many outfits for himself and others and has even gone on to design a small line of clothing for men and women, called KENZO. Even the most stylish among us can’t help but be drawn to his incredible looks and unique style. In June 2019, he was named the best-dressed man of the year, for the third year running, by the Fashion Institute of America. In 2018, he was named one of the most fashionable males of the year by GQ, alongside Elton John and Pierce Brosnan.

9. He’s A Lifestyle Icon

While we’re on the subject of style and fashion, it’s only fair to say that Pattinson is a prominent lifestyle icon. His unique look draws people in, as does his down to earth, ‘everyman’ attitude. He’s regularly been spotted wearing the same plain black t-shirt for multiple days in a row and has spoken about his admiration for the simplicity and beauty of DIY fashion. He’s also been known to give good style tips to his fans on social media and made a joke about being the ‘fashion victim’ of the year, for the fifth time. Though he faces a hectic schedule with some amazing performances ahead of him, if nothing else, we can always look forward to his unique sense of style and knack for putting fashion first.