We know what Robert Pattinson’s fashion choices are like: he loves sneakers and jeans, and isn’t really a fan of anything else. But while we’re always going to focus on what the actor wears, there’s another important factor that makes up his style: the way he showers! Is Robert really as clean as he seems? What is his hygiene style like? Is he the kind of person who likes to wash his hair frequently?

Let’s examine the facts…

Does Robert Pattinson Shower?

Of course he showers, you silly! Don’t you know how soap works? When you wash your hair with soap, the water becomes more effective at removing dirt and oil, which is why it’s such a popular choice among men with long hair. Nowadays, most popular soaps contain a combination of moisturizing and conditioning agents, which makes them ideal for men with extra hair growth. Showering is extremely important for maintaining a healthy scalp and shiny hair, so don’t ever think otherwise.

While you’re in the shower, you should also be washing your body, especially if you have lotion-resistant skin or suffer from psoriasis (which he does, according to rumormill.com). After all, when soap and water mix, it forms an effective shield against harmful bacteria and fungus. And what’s more, when you shower daily, you give your body a chance to produce more collagen, making you look and feel younger.

What Is His Hygiene Style Like?

Pattinson often posts about his love for dogs and cats, so it’s no surprise that he has a way of keeping his personal grooming needs low maintenance. In an interview with Parade magazine in 2017, the actor spoke about how he makes sure his nails are always painted a different color:

“It’s been a running joke for years that my nails are always painted. I never understood why people found that so funny, but I guess it’s because I’m so proud of my nails and always want to keep them looking neat and clean. For the past two years I’ve had these bright, fun colors that I absolutely love, and since the end of last year I’ve been using nail polish as a way of adding a little bit of a pop to my nails. I think it’s made a difference, as when I was younger, my nails would chip easily and would turn yellow, which is not the look I want for my nails. So I would simply paint them to stay bright.”

And while we’re always going to be speculating about what his outfits mean, it would be amazing if he didn’t care about how he smells either. Because no one wants to smell like an old person, right? Especially not the guy we’re talking about.

Do You Think He Wears Jeans Because He Has No Clothes Other Than Jeans?

There’s a reason why he doesn’t wear a lot of other clothing items: they make him break out. The British actor is notoriously private about his skin and has done a good job of keeping his body art under wraps. However, he has been known to post a picture of himself in a bikini, as well as showing off his toned arms in a spaghetti-strap top. So it would seem that he doesn’t mind getting wet if the temperature is right, and he has found a way to stay comfortable in the water. If you have ever read Jane Magazine’s Biography section, you know that his love for swimming comes from an early age. His maternal grandfather was a strict Baptist who wouldn’t let his kids swim out of church-owned pools, forcing them to do hours of boring stretches instead. But that didn’t stop Robert from swimming laps while he was growing up, and he even competed in the Olympics when he was 17.

So it’s clear that the guy knows how to work the water, and it would appear that his love for swimming helped him stay fit while filming the action-adventure movie The Rover. But aside from being comfortable in the water, what else can you tell about Robert Pattinson’s hygiene style?

Does He Dry His Hands On The Shower Stall?

While you’re in the shower, it would seem unlikely that you’d be drying your hands, so it’s safe to assume that he does it somewhere else. As an added bonus, if you do it in the shower, it means he’ll be in the same room when you get out, and it’s the perfect excuse to give him a big kiss on the lips.

How Often Does He Floss His Teeth?

For people who floss regularly, it’s important to keep your mouth moisturized, preventing any kind of oral disease or oral parasites. If your breath smells bad, you’re carrying toxins in your body that are preventing your body from functioning at its optimum capacity. So, it’s essential that you brush your teeth at least twice a day and ensure that your gums are healthy and protected by flossing. It’s also advisable to have peering at your teeth in the morning and at night before bedtime, to ensure that you’re avoiding any damage or wear that could lead to dental problems or costly treatments in the future.

On the topic of cost, you might be wondering if it’s really worth it to pay so much for decent dental hygiene. After all, as we’ve established, Robert Pattinson doesn’t need to keep his teeth that white; they’ll always be his Achilles’ heel. But if you’re really worried about your dental health, it’s worthwhile to spend a few hundred dollars on professional cleaners and brushes. You’ll feel a significant difference, and it’ll be cheaper in the long run to keep your teeth healthy than to have them extracted (which would certainly break his bank account). Another thing to consider is that it’s never easy to find a dentist you can trust, so if you’re ever confronted with a serious dental issue, you’ll be glad you have options other than going to the emergency room.

Does He Use Deodorizers On His Armpits?

Although most people don’t worry about the smell of their armpits, it’s important to remember that there’s a difference between an odor and a stench. A little bit of sweat in the armpits is not a bad thing, it’s actually a sign of health, as it prevents the body from rotting away. But if you’re finding that your armpits are filling up with a putrid odor that’s making you feel grimy, it’s time for a change. Sweat is an important part of our body’s pH balance, and removing it completely can cause harm. So while you might need to take a moment to deodorize your armpits after a long run or heavy workout, make sure you don’t use any perfumed deodorizer sprays or roll-ons. They might mask the smell of your sweat, but they’ll also coat your lungs with an irritating vapor that’s all but certain to upset your stomach.

When it comes to what his style is telling us about Robert Pattinson, it’s not hard to guess that he’s a bit of a hippie. He’s done some amazing things with his hair and makeup, and though we can’t be sure about his bathing practices, we know he doesn’t brush off the importance of personal hygiene. So while we wait for the next big reveal about the actor, we’ll just have to settle for being in awe of his fashion choices and wondering if they’re just a front to hide his insecurities or just a way of life.