We’re still reeling from the recent Twilight Concert premiere – it was such a magical moment, not just because it was our first glimpse of the film’s iconic soundtrack, but because it was also the first time we’d heard a live performance from the beloved soundtrack. The film’s famous “Piano Song” may have been heard hundreds of times over the years, but this was the first chance we’d ever had to experience it performed live.

The concert pianist is one of the iconic figures of Twilighters – not just because of the iconic songs he played (how can you forget the heartache ballad “Charity Ball” – another of Pattinson’s trademark songs), but because he was the first professional musician to appear in the film (played by Danny DeVito). It was an early sign of what was to come in terms of music and the impact it would have on the fanbase. And it made for such a happy moment when they finally linked arms and closed the circle around the piano.

The story goes that Danny DeVito was offered the role of the piano recitalist in the film. On the set of the musical, he was asked to play the piano for the cast and crew during a break. He apparently had such a good time playing the piano that he decided to make it a regular part of his repertoire. It’s not clear if the role was scripted or not, but he certainly made the most of it.

We’re always interested in learning more about the films we love, and DeVito’s piano playing is a perfect example of how much of an influence music had on the movie. It wasn’t just the songs – a lot of the charm of the film comes from the way it was scored, with cues from well-known musicians – one of them arguably being the piano. From a simple piano piece played by DeVito to full-blown rock music played by Elton John, the score is an integral part of what makes Twilight so special.

So what did we learn about the film from this little exercise? Well, it turns out there’s actually more than one way to play the piano. Some of the clips above feature DeVito playing his usual bohemian lifestyle, while others show him playing more classical music. It’s a little bit of everything.

So, what is DeVito’s secret? Is he just that good? Well, in the most recent issue of Esquire, he talks about his piano technique, which is something that he’s been working on for years. Apparently, it’s all about the hands…and practicing. He talks about how he gets the coordination of his fingers and thumb just right:

They say, “Practice makes perfect,” but I disagree. The opposite can be true. Perfect practice makes perfect. You can have all the talent and coordination in the world, but if you don’t have enough practice, you won’t be able to express yourself. My father once told me, “Never stop practicing, even when you feel like you’ve gotten it right. Because you never know when a better performance is around the corner.” Practice makes perfect.

So there you have it – it seems like DeVito is on to something. Maybe it’s not just about the hands after all.

For those of you who are wondering about the future of the Twilight franchise, it’s still officially in the works as far as we know. Stephanie Meyer is apparently hard at work on a sequel, and while it’s not clear when we’ll learn more about it, rest assured that the music will continue to be a key part of it.

We may not get to see Pattinson on the big screen again, but at least we can rest assured that we’ll always have his music to accompany us.