If you haven’t heard of Robert Pattinson yet, don’t feel bad. He’s a relatively new addition to the world of celebrity, but already he’s achieved a considerable amount; mostly, it seems, through sheer determination. In spite of his fame, however, he still chooses to keep his private life relatively private. This is certainly understandable, as he has always maintained a very strong bond with his family. Still, a lot less is known about him than one would probably assume. One of the popular rumors spread about him is that he’s a pretty good piano player. Since we’re often told not to believe in rumors, let’s take a look at the evidence. Is Robert Pattinson indeed a great piano player? Let’s find out.

The Evidence

First of all, there’s his musical education. Robert Pattinson started playing the piano at the age of five, and began studying privately with a tutor three years later. At the age of twelve, he won the coveted international piano competition, the Dublin Musical Festival. Not bad for someone who’s only seven years old! Since then, he’s played for various royalty and heads of state, and has performed on television shows around the world. Naturally, this hasn’t been without its challenges. In spite of his talent, he’s encountered a fair share of trauma as a result of his celebrity. He’s had to deal with stalkers, photographers, and even an attempted assassination. So, it’s fair to say that his life hasn’t been all fun and games. Still, he’s persevered and continued to rise to the occasion, and today he’s considered one of the greatest young pianists in the world. In spite of his young age, Robert Pattinson has played for, and been nominated by, the Pope, as well as performed for various royalty and celebrities. Naturally, these are simply rumors; we can’t know for sure if any of this is true. All we have are his own words and deeds to go on. Still, it’s clear that whatever he does, he puts his all into it. He wants to be great, and so far it seems like he’s been successful in his endeavors.

His Talent Wavers Pretty Much According To Reports

Even before he was nominated for a Nobel Prize, it was already apparent that Robert Pattinson had a unique talent. Not only was he talented, but he was also very, very smart. Still, some people thought that his genius might be a bit under-appreciated. This changed in 2014, when he was nominated for, and then won, the Nobel Prize for Literature. This is quite an achievement, especially since he’s only thirty years old. Still, no one is quite sure what to make of his extraordinary talent. On the one hand, it seems like he could write a really great book, or adapt a play into a movie, and be really proud of what he’d accomplished. On the other hand, it also seems like he could write a bad book, or make a bad adaptation. You know, the usual stuff that people do. It’s an interesting dilemma, to say the least. Naturally, this is all just speculation. We don’t know for sure what Robert Pattinson is capable of, and he’s certainly made a lot of people wonder. Whatever the case may be, his talent is unquestioned. It’s clear that he loves what he does and is very passionate about it.

His Career In Music Has Been Rewarding

Robert Pattinson’s career in music has been pretty much amazing so far. Not only has it allowed him to travel the world, and meet with some of the greatest minds in the history of philosophy, but it’s also given him the opportunity to grow as a human being. Still, it’s not always been easy. In spite of his talent, he’s encountered a lot of rejection. According to the same tabloids that told us about his talent, Robert Pattinson has also had the misfortune of attracting a lot of strange creatures. It seems that he’s been stalked, photographed, and even attempted to assassinate him on more than one occasion. Despite this, he’s continued to rise to the occasion, and today he’s considered one of the greatest young pianists in the world. In spite of all this, however, even he surprises himself with how well he handles himself professionally. He makes the most of what he has, and continues to strive for greater things.

Does He Play By Ear Or With A Sheet Of Music?

There are a lot of different ways to play the piano. Some people might play by ear, and some might use sheet music. Since we can’t tell how Robert Pattinson plays, we’ll have to assume that he plays by ear. This is usually the case with professionals. They either play by ear or use sheet music, but rarely do both. Especially not when they’re performing for the Pope, or some other high-profile individual. They want to be able to focus on what they’re playing, and not get distracted by how they think the listener might judge them based on their performance.

He’s Probably One Of The Most Private Citizens In The World

If you’re a musician, or if you know one, you know how important it can be to keep your private life private. This is usually necessary in order to continue pursuing your career. It’s no secret that the music business can be pretty rough. There are a lot of individuals who’ll do anything to get a piece of the action, and if you don’t protect your privacy, it’s very likely that you’ll be the next target. Even people that you thought were your friends will turn into your enemies, simply because they have more power than you do. In spite of this, however, Robert Pattinson still chooses to keep his private life relatively private. This is understandable, as he has always maintained a very strong bond with his family. Still, it’s not often that we hear of a private citizen doing such great public work. It’s because of this that we consider him to be one of the most interesting individuals on the planet. He might not always like to admit it, but the world is a much better place thanks to him.