Yes, Rob Pattinson does have a kid. Her name is Florence Pugh and she’s 22 years old. Together, they make up the famous English actor Robert Pattinson and his very private family.

As a result of the couple’s engagement, they became parents for the first time in September 2015. The couple sealed the deal with a wedding ceremony in Venice, Italy. Florence is now a “Mamma” to a bouncing baby boy named Max. It’s been a whirlwind year for the former couple.

The birth of their son was confirmed in early January and while the world has been a bit quiet since, it hasn’t stopped the couple from doing what they adore doing most: acting. However, this year has been an adjustment for everyone involved. Aside from the celebrity spotlight, the paparazzi have been camped outside their homes, waiting for a glimpse of their new baby. Rumors about their private life have also followed them around. The actor’s representatives have vehemently denied all rumors about his personal life.

There’s no denying that 2019 has been a struggle for everyone involved, but the ups and downs of parenting have provided some wonderful life lessons for Rob and Florence. It all started when news broke that Rob had gotten married. The actor posted a picture of his pregnant wife on Instagram with the caption,”@florencepugh thank you for giving me the greatest gift. I love you more than I could ever imagine loving anyone. You’re my best friend and partner. We are excited to grow our family.” Many of his followers were excited about the news and flooded his Instagram with kind and supportive comments.

On the flip side, not everyone welcomed Florence to the family circle. Twitter user @hollandbecky tweeted,”Aw, congratulations! I can’t wait to meet the new addition to the family. Poor Florence. I’m sure she’ll have a lot of love to give. But maybe not. I hope she does. My condolences to Robert and Florence. This is such a difficult time for them.” Later on, she added,”I understand what they’re going through. My heart goes out to them.”

While the sentiment was kind, Hollandbecky’s followers weren’t as welcoming. Other users pointed out that Robert didn’t always make the right choices and said that he should’ve waited to see if he could be a good dad before getting married. “He’s already proved he can’t be a good father,” one user said. “He doesn’t deserve to be a parent.”

Aside from the pitter-patter of online stones being thrown, the couple has chosen to stay quiet. They keep their son’s birth a secret and have remained tight-lipped about their family even when the paparazzi track them down at restaurants and cafes to get some peace and quiet. In fact, they’ve only been seen together in public once since the arrival of their baby and that was at an event for Baby Etoile, a foundation that supports children in need.

Does Rob’s Past Influence Him As A Parent?

Even before their son was born, Robert had already proven to be a somewhat troubled individual. His mother, the late actress Emily Davison, suffered from anxiety and depression and often verbally and physically abused her four children. In a 2015 interview with Closer magazine, Rob revealed that his mother had a lot to do with his decision to pursue acting.”She used to drag us around the house and make us watch movies with her,” he recalled. “I always thought it was strange that she singled me out to be the family’s entertainer. But maybe it wasn’t so strange. I think it helped her find some sort of joy in her life, which I guess is what I’m trying to do with my son.”

While his mother struggled with mental health issues, his father, Derek, was a much more conventional success story. He worked his way up from the mailroom to become a senior vice president at an investment firm and later opened his own advisory firm. He also became a patron of arts and donated many thousands of dollars to organizations that benefit children. However, despite his many accolades and charitable works, Derek was never able to fully recover from the death of their mother, Emily. He eventually lost his appetite for life and became a recluse, drinking and taking drugs daily.

In a 2015 interview with Graham Norton, Rob discussed his work on the set of Tomboy, a 2001 comedy film where he plays a teen who discovers his sexuality. The role was a coming-of-age story, and while the movie was largely considered a success, it wasn’t enough to save his father’s declining health. Derek suffered a heart attack and died a few days after the movie’s premiere.

One would think that being brought up in such a dysfunctional home would make Rob wary of entering a relationship. However, in 2019, after his father’s death, he’s shown that he’s capable of being a nurturing parent and has proven to be a devoted partner to his wife. Despite all of this, being a parent has been a huge learning curve and something that he’ll have to continue to work at as he grows his son’s family. It’ll be interesting to see how these lessons translate to his next film or TV role.

What Is Their Relationship With Mark Wahlberg?

Mark Wahlberg is best known for his work in the movies, but he’s also a very successful entrepreneur and music producer. He’s even made an appearance on the Forbes 400 List. While he’s primarily known for his contributions to the film industry, he’s taken on numerous leadership roles and been very involved with causes related to children and families. He even serves on the board of directors for the non-profit organization The Mark Wahlberg Foundation.

On the subject of parenting, Wahlberg has often spoken about how difficult it can be to balance work and family. “I think sometimes executives understand that work-life balance, but don’t necessarily appreciate what it means,” he told Forbes. “You’re always going to be pulled in two different directions: your family and your work. Sometimes, it feels like you can’t win, because it’s impossible to guarantee that you’ll have enough time for both.”

Wahlberg has also spoken about how important it is to be there for your children when they’re born. “It’s funny, because when my kids were born, my wife and I talked about how we weren’t going to miss one single moment of this experience,” he said. “But I know once they’re gone, it’s like you never had them. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t take for granted the time you have with them.”

Wahlberg’s advice for new parents sounds like something out of a parenting guidebook. He advised new dads to “always give your newborns your full attention, whether they’re smiling or not.” He also stressed the importance of reading books to your kids and played down the celebrity aspect of parenting, reminding dads that “it’s not about you, it’s about your babies.”

It seems that Wahlberg and Rob have something in common: both were brought up in homes where they were not always appreciated or accepted for who they were. Both men have worked hard to improve their public image and become more open and accepting, which has led them to become great dads and role models for the next generation. It’ll be interesting to see how their stories and accomplishments inspire their children. In the meantime, their fans can continue to cheer them on as they navigate this new phase of their lives. For a video recap of this story, click here.