Rumors are swirling that the next Bachelor might be none other than Prince Charming himself, Prince Rob. The British prince recently ended his engagement to longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton, but now that he’s free, bachelorhood might not be off limits anymore! Let’s take a look at the latest news surrounding this question:

New York Minute

According to a New York Minute source, who has “knowledge of the situation,” Prince Rob is currently looking for “his next big commitment.” While the tabloid is known for their sexy scoops and “breaking news,” this particular piece of intel seems fairly straightforward. Since he hasn’t publicly committed to anyone, it would seem that Prince Rob is looking to tie the knot in secret. Of course, this doesn’t mean that he hasn’t already found the person(s) that he’s going to propose to. It just means that he’s opting for a low-profile approach until the wedding day.

It’s no secret that Prince Rob isn’t actually that into the limelight. He’s often been described as humble and private, which makes this dating approach make sense from a self-preservation standpoint. The more people who know him, the more people who want to bring him down. So it’s perfectly understandable that he wants to keep this relationship under wraps for as long as possible. Keeping a low profile can also help protect his privacy. After all, a wedding ceremony is a pretty big deal, and it won’t do any good if the entire world knows his business.

The Bachelorette

Another potential suitor for Prince Rob has been the focus of much media speculation. Bachelorette Hannah Brown hosts an online dating show where she gets connected with potential suitors. While many of the men are just looking for a “taste” of what the Bachelor party has to offer, Brown herself admits that she isn’t completely against the idea of eventually settling down. According to People, Brown expressed a desire to one day find “true love” while speaking to reporters during a recent press conference. Whether or not she eventually commits to a partner is yet to be determined.

Like most people, Brown isn’t privy to the inner workings of Prince Rob’s romantic life. Despite their connection onscreen, their offscreen relationship has been described as “professional” and “friendly.” It would seem that Brown is simply a new face in a line-up of would-be Prince Charming’s. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Brown said “I think it’s great that people are interested. I think it’s wonderful that people are connecting over the show. But as for myself, I’m just focusing on the work that I’ve got to do, and I’m not really thinking about anyone but the people I’m meeting in real life.”

As Seen On TV

The Bachelor franchise has created many memorable contestants over the years. Some have even gone on to have successful careers, acting and modeling notwithstanding. Others have become social media stars or even just a source of inspiration for other women. When it comes to Prince Rob, it’s hard to predict what kind of impact he will have on the world. What is clear is that he will be fascinating to follow, as he takes on this new challenge and seeks to find the woman who will be his wife.