Do you think Robert Pattinson hates ‘Twilight’? Few actors have been as polarizing as the English actor since he hit the big-time. While some think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, others think he’s overrated and washed up. It’s hard to know what the truth is sometimes, but after watching his recent interviews it’s clear that he doesn’t like the vampire franchise very much.

Pattinson ‘Hates’ Twilight’

The actor hasn’t been very open about his opinions on the paranormal romance series, but he’s expressed a lot of distaste for it in interviews. In 2014, he shared, “I don’t watch much TV. I’ve got my shows to look forward to, you know, like Vinyl and The Rover and all those kinds of things.” The following year, he added, “I don’t really go for the supernatural aspect of it. I’m not overly fond of vampires or werewolves or anything like that.”

Pattinson didn’t elaborate any further about the shows he doesn’t like, but he did name one in particular: “I don’t like The Twilight franchise. I’ve never been a big fan of vampires.” He went on to say that he thinks the series is “a little bit ridiculous.”

Why Does He Hate It?

Pattinson has never been one to mince words, and he doesn’t seem to have any good reasons why he dislikes The Twilight franchise. He simply doesn’t like vampires. Is it because of the stigma that comes along with vampires or is it something else?

Either way, this is probably not a good sign for the future of the vampire franchise. People love a good comeback story, and even though vampires have been around for hundreds of years, contemporary fiction has given them new life. If Pattinson stops watching television and starts avoiding all vampire-related items, the series might become something of a one-hit-wonder.

He ‘Likes’ Other Vampire-related Shows

Pattinson doesn’t seem to have a problem with other vampire-related shows. In fact, he named a few that he thinks are great:

– “I like True Detective. I like The Strain. I like The Vampire season 1. Those are some good shows.”

– “I like True Detective. I like The Walking Dead. I like The Strain.”

– “I like The Walking Dead. It’s a brilliant show.”

– “I like The Walking Dead. It’s an amazing show.”

His Opinion Changes

It’s worth noting that, as with most things in life, someone’s opinion can change. Just because Pattinson doesn’t like vampires at this point in his life doesn’t mean he’ll change his mind about them in the future. At least, not completely. A lot might depend on the situation.

For example, if a vampire movie were to come out and it were to be good, perhaps he’d have a change of heart. But as of now, it’s clear that he doesn’t care for the species very much.

It’s important to keep in mind that behind every opinion, there’s a story, and it’s important to find the truth, no matter how complicated or how simple it might be. It’s also important to understand why someone holds certain opinions. That way, it’s possible to have a conversation without any misunderstandings.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this whole discussion is that, at least as of now, it doesn’t seem like Pattinson has any good reasons why he doesn’t like vampires. It’s also important to point out that even though he might not like the species, he’s not exactly against them. He just chooses to keep his opinions to himself for the most part.