Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Are They Really Dating?

The couple’s highly-secured private moments were captured on film in on of the more intriguing romantic films of recent years. The footage – which was shot on an iPhone 7 Plus – has since gone viral, racking up millions of views on YouTube, with many commentators speculating on the pair’s relationship status.

And now, as the world waits for news of the couple’s engagement, they’re finally set to share their plans for the future. But will Kristen take Robert’s name? What will their newborn daughter, Stella, wear for her first royal entrance? And just how long will their romance last?

A Baby & A Wedding?

While the world was focused on the upcoming premiere of Avengers: Endgame, audiences were treated to an early peek at the highly-anticipated royal baby boom by watching the eagerly-awaited trailer for Meghan Markle’s new film, Suits Set to Release in April 2021. The film, which stars Suits star Patrick J. Adams, follows Adams as he juggles work and fatherhood while mentoring a young associate at his law firm.

Even before the premiere of Suits, Markle had been tipped to be one of the more prominent royal baby celebrities. After all, the Duchess of Cambridge – Kate’s mother – was famously known for being the most prolific royal baby producer of all time, giving birth to 15 children (including Prince George), and for being one of the first celebrities to flaunt her bump on the big screen. So it would be natural that Markle, who is known for her youthful looks and fondness for off-duty dressing, would seek to cash in on the royal baby craze. Moreover, having spent several months away from the spotlight while on maternity leave, Markle is now well-positioned to play the part of a strong and independent woman.

In the trailer for Suits, Markle’s character, Diane Lockhart, is seen shaking off a heart-breaking legal loss (played out over the course of a dinner party) when she decides to channel her frustrations into action. Soon after, she sets up a meeting with Adams, played by John Ratchford, a junior partner at her firm, Lockhart, Garders & Rochford – and the father of her unborn child. 

Over the course of four episodes – due for release in early 2021 – the audience will follow Markle and Adams’ tumultuous courtship, which is defined by intense arguments and strained relationships. If Suits’ teaser is anything to go by, Markle’s pregnancy will prove to be the making of her and Adams’ special relationship, offering a fresh glimpse into the dynamics of a modern courtship.

A Royal Wedding To Be Remembered?

While Markle and Adams’ romantic encounter is undoubtedly a highlight of the film, it’s the baby that will steal the limelight. As the trailer hints, Markle’s due date marks the start of a fresh round of royal baby celebrity. And thanks to artificial reproductive technologies, a whole host of famous faces could fill the coming months with newborns. However, it’s not just the arrival of the new prince or princess that has people talking. It’s the notion of a royal wedding once again capturing the imagination of a watching public.

In early 2021, the world will eagerly await the announcement of Prince Charles’ next wedding plan. And while details are still scarce, there’s no question that the monarch will seek to make this a special event to be remembered for a long time to come.

It’s been a year since the world was gifted with the spectacle of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding. Since then, the couple have gone on to enjoy a low-profile marry meanwhile, the Royal Wedding has been revisited numerous times, not only as a platform for the newly-weds to showcase their affection for one another, but also as a source of inspiration for future brides and grooms.

While the royal wedding was a bumpy road to happiness for many (with Prince William’s daughter, Princess Charlotte, famously describing it as “the most uncomfortable wedding breakfast ever”), it’s clear that the event proved to be a turning point for Prince Harry and Markle. In a rare interview with Vogue, the couple revealed that the wedding had transformed their lives. 

“For the first time in our relationship, we had a real conversation,” Prince Harry told Vogue. “We discussed things like the kind of wedding present I wanted (bought her a handbag), if we shouldn’t have a children’s wedding cake, and whether I should walk her down the aisle or ride a motorcycle to signal the beginning of the wedding day.


An Opportunity To Reflect On Baby Species

While the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle definitely filled a gap in the formal wedding schedule, it’s not just the occasion itself that brought joy to Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding day. It’s the fact that they chose to wedding Dove Islington. The decision to wed a duchess was inspired by the couple’s love for nature and respect for its evolving species. As Meghan Markle explained to Vogue, 

“I loved birds before I met Harry, and I used to feed them from my hand. I always wanted to own a bird paradise and create a mixed species aviary full of all my favorite birds. I also love animals and have always felt that we are simply different species who happen to be united by love.


It’s a sentiment that is evident in the high drama surrounding their love story. Throughout their relationship, Prince Harry has admired Markle’s strong sense of self-determination and independence, while she has admired his dedication and sense of purpose.

In a statement on her personal Instagram account, Markle called on the public to honor the sacred nature of marriage, while also celebrating its profound impact on individual lives. 

“Marriage is sacred because it’s between two individuals who commit to loving each other and building a life together,” Markle wrote. “It’s a platform for two people to show their respect for one another and commit to being there for each other no matter what.”

While many wedding decisions hinge on the partners’ circumstances, the decision to wedding Dove Islington was a momentous step for Prince Harry and Meghan. It was a choice that reflected their respect for nature, the environment, and the birds (especially Doves) that fly overhead.