Ever since the beginning of this year, there have been many headlines about Kristen Stewart. From cheating on her ex-boyfriend to getting arrested and charged with assault, it seems like the actor’s life has not gotten any less interesting. Now that she’s on the right side of 30, her personal life story seems to be coming full circle. There were reports that the actress would become a mother again after being inspired by her marriage to director/producer/writer/filmmaker Rupert Sanders. And since then, many fans have been wondering if the couple is really married or not.

The speculation started when the ‘Twilight’ actress wore a beautiful white dress with blush in a very inspiring photoshoot. It quickly drew comparisons to the famous ‘Marrying Picasso’ Norman Parkinson photograph of the artist’s wife, Galina. In the same way that Kristen is often compared to her ‘Twilight’ character Bella Swan, so too does she share some of her husband’s most iconic looks. The two are often said to look like a ‘Twilight’ couple and it seems like this speculation has not been put to rest. In fact, it even continued when another shot from the same photoshoot appeared to show the actress holding a newborn in her arms.

But now that another baby season has arrived, it seems likely that we’ll learn more about the couple’s family life. And, while many people might be keeping their children’s health secret to protect them from the outside world, it’s still a parent’s duty to share important information about their kids with others. Unfortunately, as much as we’d like to know everything about the celebrity couple’s kids, they still have yet to disclose the details of their maternity leaves and newborn baby’s name. However, thanks to a reliable source (we assume it’s one of their friends or family members), we now have some insight into their parenting style and how they’re doing as new parents.

They’re Bringing Baby Bedding And Rugs To Work

The main takeaway from this source is that the parents are certainly bringing a lot of baby gear to work with them. While it’s not unusual for celebrities to bring their child’s nursery items to work, it’s still unusual for them to bring so much as this source reports that they’ve “brought a changing mat, a baby bedding set and a rug to work.” And if you think that’s all they’ve got, you’ll be pleased to know there are still more items on the list. We can’t help but admire their dedication to their kids’ wellbeing. It’s clear that the two are going above and beyond what’s required to make sure their baby feels comfortable in their new home. It also shows how much thought they’ve put into their children’s needs.

The Parents Are Enthralled By Their Baby Girl’s Every Move

This source also revealed that the family is enamored by their daughter’s every move and can’t get enough of her. In fact, when the actress’ mum was asked if she had any advice for the new parents, she gushed, “I’ve seen so much beauty inside this little girl. She’s such a joy to Meghan and Tom. They’re so proud of her.” We can’t help but agree. It’s clear that the couple are smitten with their baby girl and it seems as though she feels the same about them. Even before the birth of their child, the parents had a romantic date night planned for the night before Thanksgiving. As charming as the evening was, the source noted that it was very motherly behavior and that the daughter didn’t participate much in the fun. The next day, she showed off her new dress to the whole family. We bet she’s been a very good girl ever since.

They Love To Play With Their Baby In The Car

According to this source, the parents put their kid’s comfort first and are more than willing to indulge their baby’s every whim. To ensure that their daughter stays occupied during their long car rides, they’ve taken to playing music and singing songs together in the front seat. They also like to put on kid-friendly dance parties in the backseat with the child’s car seat still attached. In the same way that a real parent would put their child’s needs before their own, this source noted that Kristen and Rob sometimes place their daughter in front of them while they drive so that she can see what’s going on outside and experience some wind in her hair. While this might not seem like typical child-care practice to some, it comes as no surprise to those who know the couple. After all, as this source points out, “they love having their daughter around even when they’re not together because it makes them feel more connected.” And it seems that their daughter definitely feels the same way. Since she was born, the source reported, “she makes her parents feel like they’re still a family.” If this sounds like an arrangement that works for the parents and their tot, then we’re not sure what else to say.

They’ve Got A Fondness For Little Details

Part of what makes Kristen and Rob so endearing is their tendency to over-deliver on little details. This source revealed that the couple goes the extra mile to give their daughter a pleasant surprise. On one occasion, they got her a personalized license plate that reads ‘KSO15′ instead of the standard ‘JKSO15,’ in order to add a personal touch to her car. On another, they bought her a stuffed animal dog as a gift because she’d been asking for one. Little things like these add a personal touch to their lives that makes us feel like we know them better. It’s this quality that led one Instagram follower to note that they “love how thoughtful and creative they are when it comes to their kids.” It’s the same kind of attention to detail that they bring to their work—as an editor of a parenting blog noted, “they always seem to find the perfect gift for the person they’re shopping for, and it’s rare to see them choose something that the person doesn’t like.” It’s clear that this source is deeply devoted to keeping their daughter happy and healthy, so much so that they’ve brought an unopened pack of newborn diapers to work as a present.

They Want To Be Heard

It seems as though the couple want to be heard too, though perhaps not in the way that you’d expect. For someone who grew up in the public eye like Kristen, it might be strange to discover that she craves privacy. However, considering her track record and the attention that her every move attracts, it’s not really a huge surprise that she’d want to keep her personal life as private as possible. This source revealed that the actress has been adamant about keeping her daughter’s paternity secret and has asked people to leave her daughter out of the headlines. This is despite the fact that they’re constantly being compared to each other and it seems as though her fame is now transcending the screen. It’s also interesting to note that, while we assume that she’d want to protect her daughter from the limelight, she continues to allow her to be seen in public alongside her. Perhaps this is to ensure that her daughter doesn’t hide her true identity and creates her own spotlight.

They Give Themselves Credit

Kristen and Rob give themselves credit for their daughter’s existence. While it’s not always the case for celebrities, it seems as though the parents are fully aware of the remarkable impact that their daughter will have on the world. This source revealed that the couple has talked about how lucky they are to have a daughter and how much she means to them. At one point during a Q&A with fans, Rob even said, “I can’t believe how much joy she brings us. It’s such a gift to have a child who is so beautiful and talented.” It seems that their daughter is doing her parents’ lives proud and, for the most part, they’re extremely grateful for her.

Does Kristen Stewart Have Kids With Rob Pattinson?

Overall, it seems as though the parents are committed to providing their little angel with a comfortable environment, loving attention and all the best possible tools with which to flourish. While this may seem like a tall order for a parent, it’s important to remember that every parent’s dream is to give their child a long and happy life. And if that means sacrificing their own needs for a little while, so be it.