Forbes magazine recently published an interview with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, in which they discuss a variety of topics including their individual relationships with their fans, working together, and more.

Throughout the interview, a recurring theme emerges. Namely, that while the couple seems to get on well, they really do have some serious differences of opinion when it comes to some very basic issues.

Who Wants To Be In A Relationship?

When asked about their approach to love and relationships, Stewart replies:

“It’s funny you should ask that because I feel like we’re really open about what we want. I think that’s a sign of a really mature relationship.”

Pattinson then adds:

“Yeah, we just kind of say what we want. It’s not like we’re deliberately trying to create a scene or anything like that. We’re just like, ‘I like you, I want to be with you and I’m gonna say it.’ It sort of feels like it’s coming from a good place.”

Whether or not they’re consciously aware of it, Stewart and Pattinson’s honesty about their relationship is refreshing. More so, because it appears that they’re comfortable enough to discuss these issues freely. And that, in itself, is an indication of how mature they truly are.

Getting To Know You Better

The interview then moves on to discussing the pair’s approach to working together. As we’ve established, they’re both fairly open-minded and down-to-earth individuals and as such, have no problem displaying the kind of respect and attention to detail that would put most other performers to shame.

Pattinson explains:

“I think that when you work with someone that you respect and value their opinion as much as you value your own, then it’s easier to collaborate. We’ve both had big training wheels up to this point in our careers and I think that’s made us more open to new experiences. So when we were first starting out, it was almost natural for us to lean into that and use each other’s opinions to shape the characters and stories that we were creating.”

The Fans Are Our Biggest Challenge

Pattinson goes on to discuss the unique challenges that their fans pose for the pair. Specifically, he talks about the pressure that comes with having such passionate fans who completely identify with your character and are eager to see you succeed. More so, Pattinson has to tread carefully, because he doesn’t want to appear to be knocking down fans’ expectations. Yet, at the same time, he wants to continue pushing himself creatively and grow as an artist.

He elaborates:

“It’s a balancing act because we want to give our fans what they want, but we also want to challenge ourselves and grow as artists. There’s always going to be someone who’s upset about something that you do in a movie or a TV show, because they see it as a comment on their life. But if we’re always careful about what we say, then we won’t be able to grow. So you have to find that middle ground.”

What Do You See In The Future For You Two?

The last part of the interview turns to more creative topics, such as the future of their collaboration and whether or not there’s room for a third in their relationship. To this, Stewart replies:

“I can definitely see a place for a third. The challenge would be for me to find someone that matches the caliber of Rob and myself. It would have to be someone that’s not only an amazing actor, but also a writer and director. One day, I’ll meet that person.”

Pattinson adds:

“For me, I think there’s always going to be a place for a collaboration. I love having him around because he’s such a great producer and creative mind. We bounce ideas off of each other and challenge one another to do better. I think there’s always room for improvement no matter what.”

Whether or not they’re officially dating each other, Stewart and Pattinson’s chemistry is undeniable. And with one-of-a-kind personalities like theirs, it’s no wonder why their fans are so eager to see what plays next.