It’s been one week since Lady Gaga dropped her video for her new song, “Perfect Illusion,” and the pop superstar is already back with another hit – this time, featuring a stunning Robert Pattinson on Instagram.

In the new video, Gaga is seen performing the song with a male backing dancer – but it’s not exactly clear whether they are a couple or just friends. And while “Perfect Illusion” was accompanied by a cinematic display of Gaga’s iconic fashion and dance moves, the pop star’s latest work is a bit more subtle. Still, the song’s empowering lyrics and beat make it a clear contender for the #1 spot on the Billboard Top 100 this week:

“You and I were meant to be, meant to be friends,
I’m a good judge of men,
Of that there’s no doubt,” Gaga sings. “So come on and let’s dance.”

But it’s not just about showing off her amazing moves – although she certainly does that plenty. As the song’s title suggests, “Perfect Illusion” is a masterclass in making the perfect impression. In the first part of the video, Gaga is seen entering a limousine wearing a bespoke Dior ball gown. From there, she travels to various iconic locations around the world, each dressed in a different costume designed by the iconic fashion house. (If you’ll notice, all of the costumes are black – which is interesting, since the singer is more commonly seen in bright, bold garments).

While some of the looks are quite subtle (like when she is seen in a white dress, walking down a snowy street in Sweden), others are more memorable. Like when she is seen in a blue dress covered in Swarovski crystals, or a green dress that appears to be made of leaves. And then there’s the iconic white dress with the floral print that was previously worn by Grace Kelly.

Gaga’s wardrobe for the video is truly spectacular and it’s clear that the fashion house took inspiration from her impressive discography. From the white dress that made her a princess to the bold red dress that helped her become a superstar, Christian Dior has designed a full wardrobe for the pop superstar. (And if you’ll remember, Christian Dior also designed outfits for her during the MET Gala last May).

But the looks from the video aren’t the only thing that will make you remember this commercial. The standout detail is Gaga’s makeup. As the video opens, we see the pop superstar walking down the street wearing very little makeup. (And if you’ll remember, Lady Gaga is a self-proclaimed “non-beauty” artist who believes that “beauty isn’t having the best figures”).

Over the course of the commercial, Gaga’s outfit changes five times. Each look, from the beginning of the video to the end, is designed by Christian Dior (with some input from Lady Gaga’s team). And the changes aren’t subtle. (In fact, there are numerous outfit variations between the first and fifth looks).

The first look is a black ball gown, with a train. As Gaga sings to the camera, there’s a sense of mystery surrounding the outfit. The second look is a blue dress with white polka dots. The third look is a white dress with red flowers, trimmed in gold. The fourth look is black pants with a white top. And the last look, which comes at the end, is a white dress with black trim.

The whole point of this video is to make the viewer question reality. Is this really Lady Gaga, or someone else entirely? Is this the real Christian Dior, or an impression? As Gaga sings, “I’m just a pretty face,” she begins to transform into a range of iconic and exquisite women, each one designed by Christian Dior.

But it’s not only about the outfits. There’s a lot more going on in this video. For example, Christian Dior presents an elaborate hairdo for Gaga, which is then followed by five other, completely different hairstyles.

When she is seen in each of the outfits, Gaga’s team is there to help her change into the next look. This is a great example of how much planning went into this shoot – not to mention the incredible attention to detail, which is otherwise missing from most other music videos.

Gaga wears the same Christian Dior hairdo twice in the video. This is unusual since most performers won’t wear the same hairstyle twice in a row (unless they are going for a specific aesthetic like a ‘50s look, or if the first hairdo is part of a costume change). But the hairdo is a major part of the video, so it makes perfect sense that Gaga would wear it twice.

The hair is an important part of every look in this video. As the song’s title suggests, “Perfect Illusion” is a masterclass in creating the perfect impression. And since this is Lady Gaga’s video, it probably also contains a few tips from the singer herself, on how to make the perfect impression. It’s clear that her team is using every trick in the book to give the impression that this is Lady Gaga (and not someone else).

The outfit changes in “Perfect Illusion” are some of the most elaborate and stylish that we’ve ever seen. Every bit as impressive as the singer’s dance moves, these are the types of videos that will make anyone want to run out and buy a ball gown.