Everyone is talking about Robert Pattinson these days. The 24-year-old actor has been making headlines for his romance with the Hollywood super-couple, Bella and Edward. Although the couple have been open about their engagement, they’ve kept their relationship private. But now that they’re publicly partnered, fans are eager to find out more about the couple’s union. Are they compatible? What are their priorities? How are they handling the pressure? Is this the happily ever after they were searching for?

As with any celebrity couple, there’s a lot of interest in their relationship. Fortunately, Bella and Edward have been very open about their love story and their future plans. And now that they’re committed to each other, we have a pretty good idea of how this story is going to unfold. Still, it’s always fun to speculate about what might happen in the future. So let’s dive into what we know about Bella and Edward’s relationship. And no, we’re not going to focus on their differences. We’re going to discuss what makes them tick, what their priorities are, and how fans can expect them to act once their privacy is no longer a priority. 

The Couple’s Upbringing, Career, And Interests

You might be wondering how two such high profile individuals remain so good friends. Well, it’s because they’re actually quite different. Edward is very controlling and organized. He’s a Type-A personality, which is why, reportedly, Bella nicknamed him ‘The Beast’.

But it’s not just their professional differences that make them good friends. There’s also the fact that they have a lot in common. They’re both from England. They both have an interest in painting and fashion. Edward even designed the couple’s engagement ring. And of course, they share a love for books. Edward especially enjoys reading biographies of historical figures. So the next time you see him, ask him to tell you about Elizabeth Barrett Browning or Napoleon Bonaparte. It’s a great way to learn more about fashion history.

The Most Influential Relationship Of Edward’s Life

As Edward’s friend and confidant, it’s only natural that Bella should play a large part in his life. Indeed, in many ways, she’s the most influential relationship in his life. One of the first films he ever starred in was Twilight. And even before that, he was making a name for himself in theater. So it would be safe to say that his love for Bella has influenced much of his professional life.

Aside from their professional relationship, the couple’s connection is also evident in their hobbies and interests. There’s the fact that they both like to paint, design, and write. And it’s clear from their social media that they enjoy spending time together. One of the first posts of Edward’s on his Instagram story shows a sunset at Cape Cod, with him and Bella. It’s a sweet picture, but it also gives you a good idea of how the two spend their free time. They enjoy each other’s company and are rarely apart. It truly is a partnership built on mutual respect and admiration.

What Does Edward Want For Christmas?

One of Edward’s most endearing qualities is his desire to please his loved ones with special gifts. It’s one of the reasons why he’s so appealing as a romantic lead. He genuinely wants to make his loved ones happy. And considering what a spoilsport he can be, it’s not hard to see why he would want to give Bella the best gift ever. Still, it’s not clear as to what Edward plans to get his beau. But regardless, it will be a gesture that Bella will certainly appreciate.

Will Edward And Bella Ever Get Married?

It seems extremely likely that Edward and Bella will end up being married. The couple’s romance was actually inspired by a real-life situation. Pattinson’s parents were separated for several years before they eventually got divorced. During that time, his mom worked as a nanny and later a housekeeper for an English family. And it was during one of her shifts that she met Edward. So it’s clear that the couple’s connection is quite authentic. Still, for now, their union remains mostly a happy one and the attention that it’s receiving is certainly a measure of how fond their fans are of the couple.

Given that Edward likes to please his loved ones, it would be great to see him get down on one knee and propose to Bella. Of course, he could have a team of lawyers draw up a prenuptial agreement, just in case. Either way, we’ll find out soon enough. We hope you enjoyed this quick overview of Bella and Edward. We’ll have more videos and articles coming your way soon. Be sure to subscribe to stay tuned.