While we were expecting to see a lot more from Kristen Stewart’s upcoming wedding to Kris Humphries, it seems like Robert Pattinson’s recent Dior ad has stolen the limelight. The stunning French luxury goods brand just released a video featuring the actor and singer and some of their most iconic pieces. Let’s dive into what is new and what is different about this particular campaign.

Varying Looks

As the French brand is no stranger to controversy, the videos for this particular campaign aim to provoke discussion. In one of the ads, called ‘Dior Avant-Garde’ (above), we see Robert wearing a suit made of snakeskin with a black collar. If you thought snakeskin was only worn for fashion, think again. In fact, Christian Dior first began using animal skin on men’s suits in the 1950s. However, the practice was mostly reserved for women’s accessories and apparel.

Kooky Costumes

Like most luxury brands, Christian Dior often takes inspiration from culture vulture. For men, this means kooky costumes and accessories. One of the more recent pieces to draw inspiration from pop culture is the ‘Pig’ necklace, named after Kurt Cobain’s grunge band. In the ad above, Kurt is seen front and center, sporting his iconic mustache. Other well-known artists and musicians have also been spotted on the racks of Christian Dior, including David Bowie, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga.

The fashion industry has always been associated with controversy. While we await the final verdict of the marriage of fashion and science, it’s clear that we are living in an era of transformation. Wherever you may fall on the spectrum of gender, sexuality, and love, one thing is for certain: we’re living in exciting times.