While we’re still reeling from the shock of the newest addition to the Disney family, it’s only fair to wonder about the future of the little girl who will grow up to be known as a member of the “punk princess” clan. One of the first reactions that come to mind when someone mentions Bella’s latest addition is, “Surely not, she’s too young.” But just because something seems impossible, that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. After all, James Bond is sometimes seen around the offices of Dr. No, and there’s a rumour that Queen Elizabeth II is actually an avid reader of thrillers.

While we’ll most likely never know for sure if Pattinson did write the infamous lullaby that launched a thousand memes, it’s a safe bet that he had something to do with it. The singer and actor has been responsible for much of what we know about Bella’s life and the inspiration for most of her quotes (including her now-legendary “Rotten to the Core”). In a very real way, the young girl is becoming the princess James Bond would find himself falling for. If that sounds like a good thing, it is. We’d like to think that Robert Pattinson would agree.

Welcome to the future. Or at least, one possible future for the next James Bond.