One of the more interesting theories about the twilight movie involves the fact that the young Robert Pattinson didn’t wear a prosthetic at the end of the film when he was turned into a vampire. The suggestion is that he wore a wig all along, and now that the mask is off we can see that he actually has very short hair.

The evidence in support of this theory comes from a behind-the-scenes photograph that was recently unearthed. It shows Pattinson with a very recognizable wig on, as well as a close-up of his face alongside with some strands of hair. Furthermore, when you compare this picture to another one from the set of the movie where he’s clearly wearing no prosthetic, it’s clear that this is the same actor.

There have been other instances where celebrities have had to do without their hair due to medical conditions. Back in 2013, Channing Tatum went bald as a result of chemotherapy for his cancer, and earlier this year Julianne Moore had to have her hair replaced by a hair transplant. Even when they’re not covered by hair and makeup, it’s clear that these celebs have had some work done, which supports the argument that this is indeed Robert Pattinson.

While many have speculated that Robert Pattinson wore a prosthetic at the end of twilight, there’s no evidence to support this claim. Indeed, it seems more likely that he had very short hair all along and just grew out the wig for the movie.