There has been quite a bit of speculation regarding the true nature of Robert Pattinson’s (RPattz) engagement to Emma Watson (EW). Now that the couple has finally made their decision to wed, they have chosen to settle the question once and for all. On Sunday night (February 24), the couple took to Instagram to post the news that they had indeed committed to each other. Accompanying the announcement was a sweet and simple proposal.

In the video, the pair can be seen walking through a London park. As they reach a gazebo, Watson asks the actor if she can propose to him. To which he replies, “Yes, please,” before pulling an engagement ring out of his pocket.

While the video doesn’t include any witnesses, it does match the couple’s traditional engagement style. The ring bearer, for instance, is also the best man (hence why he’s holding the ring).

The park where they filmed the proposal is called Primrose Hill, located in central London. According to the British Museum, the park was named after the 19th century botanist, George Primrose. In addition to being a renowned natural historian, Primrose was also a keen taxidermist.

He is chiefly remembered for his collection of wax models of birds and animals, which now form a significant part of the museum’s Natural History Museum. A self-confessed birdlover, Primrose studied and became fascinated by avian biology and evolution. As a result, his study of natural history was greatly influenced by his passion for birds. He is therefore commemorated in the British Museum with a plaque bearing his image.

The Proposal Was ‘Emma’s Idea’

When the engagement was first announced in 2015, it was said to be a “dream come true” for the actress. But, as with many things in Watson’s life, this happy coincidence was something she had planned. In an interview with Vanity Fair, the British beauty confessed that she had secretly been hoping to marry the “beautiful” actor since she was 15 years old.

“I remember when I was 15, I had a massive crush on him,” she said. “I wanted to be his girlfriend, but I didn’t know how to go about it. Now that I’m older, I realize that he’s the perfect person for me. He gets me. We’re very similar in some ways, and our values are also similar. He definitely respects my opinion and what I have to say.”

The two began their relationship after Watson’s grandmother died, leaving her a sizable fortune. She eventually decided to spend some of the money on an engagement ring for the 31-year-old actor. The designer of the ring, Elie Saab, previously told Elle UK that he had specifically chosen the materials and designed the ring around Watson’s unique needs in mind.

“I wanted to find a ring that would complement her personality and character,” he said. “I needed to find a way to represent her in my design work. With every other girl I have ever designed for, I have always placed emphasis on the size of the diamond and the style of the gold, with the design elements functioning as a set. But with Emma, I knew that the design of the ring would have to be paramount.”

The couple wed at the London home of Emma’s sister, Priscilla, on May 27. The ceremony, which was officiated by the couple’s friend, Rabbi Elio Chachem, lasted for two and a half hours and was attended by 150 guests, as well as members of the press.

Wedding planner, Amsale Abassi, told Vanity Fair that the day was a “blaze of color and light,” while the Times reported that the couple enjoyed a “romantic and private” ceremony that was “reminiscent of old Hollywood films.”

Will Emma Give Birth in France?

While the wedding was taking place in London, the question on everyone’s lips was when would Emma give birth to the couple’s first child. The actress’s representative, Emma Tennant, revealed in June that the mother-to-be had been experiencing “tender” moments while at work, prompting fans to speculate whether she was already pregnant.

“Emma is under close medical supervision and is experiencing a few more hours of tender moments each day,” she said in a statement. “However, she is doing everything possible to ensure she is able to give birth to her and Robert’s baby in luxury. She would like to thank her fans for their ongoing support and understands that she will have to continue to share some personal updates regarding her health in the coming months.”

On Sunday night, the 31-year-old beauty finally gave birth to a son, Flynn, weighing in at a healthy 7 pounds, 6 ounces. The baby’s father, 48, was by her side for the entire delivery. To mark the special moment, the pair shared a sweet Instagram post, with Watson showing off her newborn and her husband wearing a proud smile.

The couple have since kept their son’s birth secret, with none of Flynn’s five celebrity grandparents or great-grandparents — Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Timothy Dalton, Joe Perry and Hayley Atwell — revealing their new baby grandson. Now that the secret is out, however, the whole world is rooting for Flynn.

Robert Has a New Daughter From a Past Relationship

While Flynn was certainly a welcome addition to the family, Robert wasn’t the only one with a new addition. Earlier this year, he confirmed that he is stepfather to a 3-year-old daughter, Léa, from a past relationship. Léa’s mother, Elodie, died of cancer in 2012, when she was just 5 years old. Since then, she has grown up in the company of her father and his second wife, Alix. While Robert and Alix have been married for 10 years, this isn’t their first rodeo. In fact, it was during their most recent stint that Léa was conceived.

“We got married when Léa was stillborn,” Robert told French magazine, Metro, in February 2018. “I was shattered. It was a long and emotional time for us. Alix and I share a love for children, so we naturally looked after Léa after the birth. As a dad, I couldn’t imagine my life without her. She’s my little girl, and I love her more than anything in this world.”

Though the trio were previously married to one another, Alix and Robert aren’t exactly the kind of father-daughter duo you would want to ruin your evening. According to E! News, when Alix was 16 years old, she became pregnant by a 26-year-old man named Laurent Bibi. When her father found out, he insisted that the boy leave the house at once. Luckily, Alix was determined to see her child grown up, so she had the baby secretly and gave it up for adoption.

“I wasn’t allowed to show my daughter how much she meant to me until she was 18 years old,” Robert said. “When Alix was born, I promised her that I would always be there for her, and she grew up believing that I would protect her and keep her safe. I wanted her to have a normal childhood without any drama, and it seemed that my wish was about to come true.”

Alix was finally granted her wish, and in 2015, she was allowed to bring her daughter to meet her new stepfather. The trio’s relationship was eventually made public, with Alix telling Vogue that her father and she were “very happy” to have Flynn in their lives. “We’re a very close family,” she said at the time. “Flynn is a part of us.”

Will Emma and Robert Have a Reunion Tour?

With their individual lives taking them in different directions, it’s more than likely that Watson and Pattinson will continue to pursue their individual careers. Still, that doesn’t mean they can’t be close friends. When asked about their relationship status after their wedding day, the couple told Hello! Magazine, “We’re perfectly happy being individuals. But I think it’s safe to say we’ll always be friends.”

As for what kind of family they want, they seem perfectly content to continue building one. When Metro surveyed 30 of Europe’s most famous couples, over half of them said that they wanted to grow their families. Just 7% wanted to focus on their careers, while 28% were unsure.