Robert Pattinson had a major crush on Emma Watson. We know this because he told Ellen DeGeneres, “I have a huge crush on her. Just thinking about her makes me so horny.” Well, what are the chances that this beautiful woman, with her angelic looks and charming personality, would not be the woman that Pattinson would choose as his dream girl? Emma Watson is frequently named as one of the most beautiful women in the world, and she has been described as the “female version” of Robert Pattinson. So, it is not surprising that he would have a crush on her. What is surprising is that this crush only developed after they had worked together on two films. One might wonder if their association was a result of the hype surrounding their fame, or if it was because they actually liked and admired one another. We can safely say that this was the case. They were attracted to one another from the start, and their collaboration only intensified their feelings. So, let’s take a look at the evidence that supports this theory.

They Have a Lot In Common

Their shared interest in cinema is evident from the beginning. As a child, Watson went to school in London, and she spent a lot of her time there reading books and writing plays. During her primary school days, she would often get in trouble for being too much of a “bookworm,” as her teachers would say. In order to give her some entertainment, her grandmother enrolled her in tap dancing lessons, and she learned to love dancing. Later on, the dance lessons served as an important part of her training for her role as a florist in the movie, “The Dance.”

On the other hand, Pattinson grew up in Hertfordshire and went to school in London. He even described his time at school as “boring,” and he never enjoyed school because of his lack of interest in his studies. In fact, his dislike for school was so great that when he was 16, he dropped out. Afterward, he lived with his grandmother and worked as a baker for a few years. He then moved to London and became a full-time drug addict. Several documentaries have been made about his life, which has often been characterized by tragedy. Emma Watson has known about this side of him, and she even talked about it on the David Letterman show. She said, “I knew that there was this dark side [of his character]. I saw it, but I didn’t know what to call it. I knew it was there, but I didn’t know what to call it.”

The two of them clearly have a lot in common. Not only do they both enjoy films, but they are also both talented singers. Watson has a beautiful, mellow voice, and Pattinson is a brilliant pianist. He even performed on the piano for Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show. Watson’s grandmother, Lavinia, is also a talented pianist, and she would often perform for the family. It is no wonder that the two of them would spend so much time together, dreaming about music and movies. It would be an understatement to say that they are both passionate about film. In fact, one of the reasons why they worked together in the first place was because they were both looking for a creative outlet and wanted to work on something that they were passionate about. That, in itself, is a demonstration of their common interests.

They Have Shared Feelings

In the past, it was reported that Watson had a boyfriend back in 2012, and he was the son of a famous businessman, Alistair Watson. While it is not certain what caused the breakup of this romantic relationship, it is clear that Watson is not looking for long-term commitment at this point in her life. She has made it clear that she does not want to get tied down to a long-term relationship until she has sorted out her romantic future. This does not mean that she is looking to explore other options. In fact, she has stated that she would like to find “true love,” and she is not looking for a casual romantic encounter. Nevertheless, it appears that she has found someone who feels the same way as she does, and they are both pursuing the relationship actively. This brings us to our next point.

They Want to Do Romantic Things

It is well known that Watson is interested in a “blended family” where she can find both parents and siblings in her children. She has said that she would like to find a partner who is understanding and open-minded enough to accept and embrace all of her family members. Similarly, Robert Pattinson has expressed an interest in exploring fatherhood and has spoken about his desire to be a good father to his next child. While he has not yet acted on this desire, he has openly admitted that he is not opposed to the idea. He told Parade magazine in 2014, “Having kids would be amazing. It would be such an amazing adventure, and it would change your life.”

Again, this demonstrates their common interests in family and romance. Watson has spoken about how much she values her parents’ support, and she would like to find a partner who is willing to accept and respect her family. She has also said that she would like to find someone who is “intelligent, kind, and funny.” Similarly, Pattinson has said that he is looking for a girlfriend who is “warm, funny, and intelligent.” These are all characteristics that Watson and Pattinson share. So, it is no wonder that they have developed an interest in one another. Having said that, it is important to remember that they are both professionals, and they make important decisions regarding their work independently. The fact that they are both interested in romance does not mean that they will necessarily date one another just because they are both interested. They have both been in the relationship business before, and they know what they are doing. They are both clever, calculating individuals who will do their best to avoid being fooled by appearances. This is a good thing, because as we have seen, appearances can be deceitful. So, it would be a shame to waste their time if they end up together and then discover that their interests were not aligned after all. For that reason, it is important to take each other’s interests into account, but it is also important not to get too attached. This is a delicate dance that the two of them will have to learn to perform if they want to have a long and happy relationship. It will not be easy, but they are both beautiful and talented and seem to have what it takes to make this work. Who knows? Maybe they will even end up marrying one another someday, and then we will truly be in for one heck of a celebration!