Last Christmas, Robert Pattinson made headlines when he reportedly gave Zoe Kravitz a “celebrity bleaching.” A bleaching is a treatment that lightens the skin, and Kravitz, then 24, had reportedly asked for. But while the “Twilight” star may have brightened up Zoe’s appearance, it seems he may have done more than make her skin fair. According to a new report from Grazia, Pattinson made a big impression on Kravitz during one of their early meetings, which ultimately led to an intimate relationship between the pair. While Kravitz maintained the relationship was purely platonic, she did admit that they “had a really good connection.”

The news that Pattinson had hit upon a new girl comes in the wake of several other relationships that the “What Would Bruno Lordy Do?” actor has been spotted with since the conclusion of his marriage to actress Kristen Stewart. In January 2019 alone, he was seen visiting Madrid, Spain with Spanish socialite Silvia Pfeiffer; in February, he was seen dining with Russian model Anastasia Bryanshchuk at a London bar; and in March, he was seen hanging out with model Hailey Baldwin at the Sundance Film Festival. And although he has yet to officially confirm any of these encounters, the gossip surrounding them has only intensified.

Pattinson’s Interest In Models

Pattinson has been linked to a number of models appearing on the cover of magazines. These include Gigi Hadid, Behati Prinsloo, and more recently, Milla Jovovich. And although he has yet to comment on his dating life in general, he did suggest in July 2018 that he is more attracted to “bad boys” than “good boys.”

Pattinson And Kravitz, A Modern Day Romeo And Juliet

The odds of a Twilight fan meeting their match seemed long, but it appears that Pattinson has finally found his Juliet. In addition to being a celebrity bleaching, the actor is famous for his unique looks, which have been compared to that of the late actor Peter Falk. It seems that Kravitz has taken a liking to Falk’s distinctive manner of speaking: “Falkiness,” she called it, in a 2008 interview with Grazia. In the same interview, she remarked on how she had “fallen in love with his intensity.”

Kravitz’s parents were both actors, so it’s not entirely surprising that their daughter inherited their flair. But it seems that the pair’s celebrity may have helped along the way. While appearing on the cover of US Weekly in March 2019, Kravitz said that her “favorite thing about [herself] is that [she’s] an actor’s daughter…If you can’t be an actor, be a part of the industry.” Perhaps inspired by her parents’ legacies, Kravitz has made it her mission to follow in their footsteps, landing a role in the upcoming Broadway play Death of a Salesman. It will mark Kravitz’s Broadway debut and will star Will Smith as her father. The story will be set in the 1920s and will focus on a young man’s journey to find himself.

A Marriage Of Convenience?

Pattinson and Stewart first met while filming the highly successful vampire movie series in 2010. Although they were both 23 at the time, the pair had already established themselves as adults. They were wed in December 2015, but the marriage did not last; in July 2018, Stewart filed divorce from Pattinson, citing irreconcilable differences. While it’s sad that their union didn’t last, it seems that the decision wasn’t entirely mutual.

According to their respective representatives, the couple have a good relationship. “They are really happy together,” Stewart’s spokesperson said in January 2019. “They have their ups and downs like any other married couple, but they love and respect each other.” Pattinson’s rep also remarked that their client and Stewart were “best friends” and “really happy” for the sake of their fans. It seems that, as with many celebrity couples, old pictures tell the tale. On social media, Stewart often tags along with Pattinson as he posts pictures of their travels together. Even in their professional interactions, it seems that their celebrity may have influenced how audiences perceive them.

More Than Meets The Eye

While Stewart and Pattinson’s marriage was ultimately doomed, it seems that theirs was not a love hate relationship. Indeed, according to a Grazia interview from January 2019, it seems that the pair’s dislike for each other may have simply been a media frenzy that got out of hand. Stewart’s representative remarked at the time that the couple “have always had an incredibly active and passionate sex life, which they believe is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy and happy relationship.”

But despite his professional accolades, it seems that Pattinson has not completely given up his “bad boy” image. In addition to appearing with Kravitz on the cover of magazines, he is also known to frequent strip clubs in LA. In January of this year, he was photographed leaving a Hollywood nightclub with a drink in hand and a gorgeous woman on his arm. Although Stewart initially declined to comment, she later noted that “it’s not really [Pattinson’s] fault” that the press keeps “bringing up [their] non-existent romance.”

With rumors circulating that he is in love with Kravitz, it seems that the paparazzi may have just outdone themselves. While it is always nice to see famous people enjoying themselves, perhaps this is more than just about enjoying oneself. In several interviews over the years, Kravitz has suggested that she sees her relationship with Pattinson as more than just a casual fling. She has also implied that they share a deeper connection.

Pattinson and Kravitz have yet to comment on their relationship status, but it seems that the media fascination surrounding the pair may have led to them taking their relationship a little more seriously. For now, we will have to settle for their exquisite looks and the fact that they continue to make headlines.