You might be familiar with the phrase “spray painted abs,” which was recently used by model and actor Robert Pattinson to describe the sculpting he did on himself for a photoshoot. Well, did he get spray painted abs? Let’s find out.

The Results Of The Spray Painting

So, what exactly did Robert Pattinson get sprayed? Well, aside from the obvious choice of white paint for the skull and crossed bones motif, the British actor used five different colors to create a unique tattoo on his abdomen. The colors are inspired by the English flag and represent his five favorite sports: soccer, hockey, cricket, rugby, and golf. The tattoo is meant to represent the “strength and resilience of the country he represents,” according to the artist who designed it.

What Is The Meaning Of The Design?

As for the specific meaning of the design, we can only guess. The tattoo was never really meant to be seen, and it’s probably not a good idea to Google “Robert Pattinson spray painted abs” if you really want to find the answer. What we can say for sure is that the design was intended to look like a jock strap with the colors of the English flag and that it takes its name from a phrase used frequently by England fans during the 2018 World Cup. In fact, some Twitter users even started a trend of their own when they posted a picture of themselves with the tattoo and asked for people to “spray paint their abs” to show their support for England.

Why Is It Important To British People?

It’s important to British people because it’s an expression of pride in their country and tradition. After all, we cannot forget that England is often associated with the phrase “sports car,” and it was the country that gave us the wheel, which was first invented by a British man named Henry Ford in 1885. This guy clearly loved his country. It’s also important to British people because they believe that tattoos are a permanent form of expression, so it’s not like it’s something they will easily get rid of. Some might even say that it’s an extension of their personality or an attempt to match their clothing style. Most importantly, the tattoo is a way for British people to stay relevant in today’s world. After all, who knows how long the popularity of soccer, hockey, cricket, rugby, and golf will last?

What Does It Mean For Other Countries, People, Or Sports?

Well, for other countries, people, and sports, it’s complicated. The phrase “spray painted abs” is now a worldwide phenomenon, even appearing on merchandise such as t-shirts and mouse pads. It’s likely that the tattoo will become popular in other countries, as well, especially since England’s World Cup matches (which inspired the tattoo) were so popular during the tournament. If England is indeed proud of its flag, they should be grateful to Mr. Pattinson for helping spread the word. Otherwise, they could be in trouble since the phrase “spray painted abs” was first used in Australia during the 2018 World Cup. The Aussies might just take it as an insult (which, for the record, it absolutely wasn’t intended to be).

In any case, for other countries, people, and sports, the phrase “spray painted abs” represents a sign of pride in England and its sports enthusiasts. It’s always a good idea to support your country and team, so English people with spray painted abs are clearly doing their part. It might not be easy to achieve, but Robert Pattinson’s spray painted abs are a symbol of strength and resilience for anyone who wears them. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to paint my own abdomen.