With so much attention focused on the Covid-19 pandemic, it is easy to forget about other stories that captured the public’s imagination in a similar way. One of these stories was that of celebrity photographer Robert Pattinson and his recent battle with COVID-19. Over the last few months, we have followed the ups and downs of his life as he fought for his health. Now that he has recovered, it is time to see if his life will return to its previous normal and if he will retain the love and devotion of his fans.

His COVID-19 Diagnosis And Treatment

On March 11th, 2020, Robert Pattinson was diagnosed with COVID-19. He had initially experienced mild symptoms, including a dry cough and fever, and decided to take the condition seriously and self-quarantine. He told his fans that he would be cancelling upcoming concerts and adjusting his schedule as a result of the pandemic. He also attributed the viral outbreak to his bad habits, such as frequenting high-end restaurants and staying in luxury hotels.

Pattinson took a break from his self-isolation and went public with his condition to encourage others to get tested for COVID-19 and to dispel rumours that the virus is less harmful to people with weaker immune systems. 

Fortunately for Pattinson, his status as a celebrity afforded him access to top-notch medical personnel and equipment. He was placed in a negative pressure room at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London where he received treatment. During his stay, he was given medications to boost his immune system and put on a ventilator, if necessary. 

Once his health improved, he gradually returned to his normal routine and spent some time with his family and fans, who had remained by his side throughout.

The Future Of Their Relationship

Before the pandemic, Pattinson was in the middle of a very public split from longtime girlfriend, FKA Twigs. However, the pair decided to give their relationship a fresh start during this pandemic and began exploring the possibility of getting engaged. 

Pattinson is now in a stable condition and feels well enough to spend time with his loved ones. According to a recent report, he even attended his half-sister, Leah’s bat mitzvah, which he had been unable to do for some time. However, he will need to continue taking his medication to prevent a possible relapse as the coronavirus has altered his immune system. 

Will Pattinson be able to resume his normal life? The answer will depend on various factors, such as the length of the treatments he needs to receive and, in some circumstances, his health status prior to contracting COVID-19.