One of the most talked about relationships of the past year is that of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The two have been linked together since 2003 and have spent most of their time apart engaged in various passionate affairs. The most recent being an unlikely relationship with each other. Despite all of that, they have managed to maintain a long-term commitment to each other and have recently celebrated 10 glorious years of marriage.

So, it’s no surprise that many people are already wondering if Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart ever cheated on each other. The question is, did they ever? We decided to find out…

Did They Ever Cheat On Each Other?

There is no question that the pair have been quite consistent in their dedication to each other over the years. They’ve been together through thick and thin and have always managed to keep their relationship exciting. The media has dubbed the couple “soulmates,” which is an apt description because they are definitely each other’s soulmates.

That being said, did they ever cheat on each other? The answer is a bit more complicated than you’d think and depends on how you define “cheating.” On the one hand, the two have maintained a highly public profile and have always been willing to express their true feelings. On the other hand, they’ve never been shy about their promiscuity and have openly talked about the fact that they enjoy “playing with people’s heads” by sleeping with various lovers. So, while it’s clear that they’ve been happy to maintain a sense of mystery around their private life, it’s also important to remember that they’ve always been upfront about who they are and what they want.

So, as you might imagine, this has often led to speculation regarding whether or not Pattinson and Stewart ever strayed from the path of purity. The fact that they’ve stayed together this long and are still so in love makes it even more curious as to whether or not they’ve ever cheated on each other. Some people wonder if the fame and lifestyle that came with being an overnight celebrity has made the couple lazy or complacent.

While it’s true that they’ve accrued a lot of wealth and prestige over the years, it’s also important to remember that both Rob and Kristen have always been driven by a strong sense of morality. In an interview with Elle, Rob once said, “There’s a level of responsibility that comes with being famous – that people will put you in a position where you can’t behave like a normal human being.” He’s right – which is one of the reasons why he and Kristen have only ever been in committed long-term relationships with other people of the same sex.

Was There Ever A Blackmail Scenario?

There are reports that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson once engaged in a romantic tryst that was secretly recorded. The two were spotted on a bed together in a New York hotel room, with numerous sex toys in the vicinity. This was all apparently part of some nefarious plan by Stewart to blackmail Pattinson into continuing their relationship. According to a recent report in the New York Post, Stewart threatened to share the video of their romp with their mutual lawyer. To reiterate, this was supposedly all part of some sick plot by Stewart to get Pattinson to continue the adulterous affair. So, in other words, they had sex on camera and then threatened to share the video with the press. Presumably, this is what they meant when they said, “We enjoy ‘playing with people’s heads’…”

While this scenario is almost certainly made up and has very little to do with reality, it does bring to light an interesting point regarding Stewart and Pattinson. It’s well known that the pair have been able to keep their relationship secret because they’re both relatively discreet and well-trained in the ways of the Illuminati. This is a reference to Stewart’s supposed membership in the Bohemian Club, a group of extremely wealthy and powerful people who have a controlling interest in the media. They choose to keep their connections secret because they don’t want the general public to know who they are or what they’re doing. This was made explicit in Snow White And The Huntsman when Kristen Stewart’s character explains to Queen Victoria, “We prefer to stay in the shadows. The public doesn’t understand our connection, your majesty. It would be better for all concerned if we stayed hidden.” So, in other words, the public doesn’t know that Stewart is the illegitimate daughter of Queen Victoria and the Huntsman, and it would be more convenient for everyone if they didn’t know. So, this potential extortion attempt is really more of a comment on the bizarre situation that is Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson – and, to some extent, Queen Victoria and the Huntsman.

Is It All About The Fame?

This is a question that fans have been asking for a long time regarding Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. It’s certainly a valid question because it’s not easy to stay famous for this long. After all, most celebrities will tell you that it’s not easy to remain at the top of your game for as long as they have. Inevitably, this will lead to a consideration of whether or not fame is worth it. For Stewart and Pattinson, it’s not a question of whether or not they enjoy being famous, it’s more of a question of, “Can they keep it up for another 10 years?” As you might imagine, this is a question that they have been asked time and time again.

In the past, the two have always had a very pragmatic approach to this issue. They’ve acknowledged that being famous is not easy, but they also know that it can be a good thing. As Rob told Metro, “[Being famous] can help you with the career-building phase of your life.” In short, they know what they’re getting into and are happy to pursue fame and fortune. In fact, in a 2019 interview with Elle, Rob said, “[Being famous] is a big responsibility. It comes with a whole other set of requirements and privileges. I don’t know if I would give it up for anything in the world.”

Certainly, this is a sentiment that many celebrities feel the same way about their public personas. It’s well known that being famous can be isolating and overwhelming. This is part of what makes it so interesting and exciting when celebrities talk about their lives – especially when they’re as open and honest as Stewart and Pattinson. In the same Elle interview, Rob said, “You feel isolated and then you feel like you want to connect with somebody, but you don’t know who to trust. I think that’s the scary part. It does feel like a bit of a lonely place to be.” This quote really encapsulates their dilemma. On the one hand, they want to connect with other people but are wary of those connections because they’re not sure who to trust. It would be amazing to watch them overcome this fear and open themselves up to others. That’s what makes this whole situation so interesting.

On the other hand, fame can also be an opportunity to make a difference in the world. Stewart has spoken about how she feels that her fame gives her a platform to promote important causes. In the same Elle interview, she said, “If I want to be effective, I have to do it indirectly – by encouraging people to be more aware of important issues.” This could mean anything from supporting sustainable fashion to lobbying for LGBTQ rights to saving the rainforest. It really is a case of doing good while benefiting from the fame that makes you famous.

Should They Ever Cheat On Each Other?

It’s a question of morality, plain and simple. Did they commit adultery? Did they make love to someone other than their spouse? These are the types of questions that people want answers to because, for the most part, they don’t understand the situation. Even people who know and love them best wonder about what went on between these two “soulmates.” It’s an enigma wrapped in a romance novel, and it’s never been more intriguing.