Forbes has ranked the 50 most fashionable women of 2015. One of the most popular ladies on the list is Taylor Lautner. The Twilight alumna spent four years in the spotlight as one of the film’s most popular and beautiful characters. Although she’s had a relatively low profile since leaving the big-screen, Lautner has kept up appearances through her dedication to health and fitness.

Her rise to fame marked a turning point for the 23-year-old actress. She began incorporating more practical styles into her wardrobe and dropped the traditional dresses she often wore in her earlier roles.

Since then, she’s maintained a dedication to fashion and has inspired many through her choices. Many fashion and style websites have ranked Taylor Lautner as one of the most stylish and fashionable women in the world. Here are some of the best things Taylor has worn on the red carpet:

A Floor-Length Day Dress

In 2014, Taylor Lautner was the belle of the ball at the Met Gala. The actress looked absolutely breathtaking in a floor-length day dress designed by Christian Dior. She wore the dress to honor her late grandmother, who she says was a lifelong romantic and wore dresses like this one.

The dress features a floor-length skirt with a train. It is made of silk and mesh. One of the most striking things about this dress is its deep V-neckline that makes it appear as if the dress has been professionally shrunk. The color is quite bold, as the combination of red and black is uncommon. We can bet this was one dress that many women wanted to be a part of their collection.

This year, Taylor Lautner has chosen to keep the theme and continue to wear mini dresses and skirts on the red carpet. One of her recent choices was a striking olive green dress that she wore for the premiere of her new movie, What If. The dress’s design is inspired by the fashion house Yves Saint Laurent.’

Crafty Knits and Stunning Stripes

In 2015, Taylor Lautner was the belle of the ball at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Once again, the actress opted for a simple but stunning look in knits and stripes. She wore a stunning array of bold stripes and eye-catching colors. Although the dress looks simple, there are many details in the knits that make it look as if it has been professionally tailored.

The stripes on the dress are not typical as they are on the outside but feature a checkerboard design on the inside. This creates a three-dimensional look that draws the eye to the dress. Since many people were curious about what the inside of the dress looks like, Taylor Lautner decided to show off the checkerboard pattern from the inside. It’s a clever and daring choice that really makes the dress stand out.

A Sophisticated Tweed

In 2016, Taylor Lautner was the belle of the ball at the Golden Globes. Once again, the actress opted for a sophisticated look in a tweed dress that she wore for the premier of her new movie, Valley of the Wolves. The dress is by Dolce & Gabbana and features a floral print in a sophisticated and elegant pattern. The tweed used for the dress is an old sport coat that the designer has altered to fit Taylor Lautner perfectly.

We can see that fashion and style have always been important to Taylor. Even as a young girl, she was dressing in bold and bright colors and making her way down the red carpet at award shows in style. Now, as an adult, she continues to dress in a fashion-forward manner. There is no denying that the young actress continues to grace the red carpet in style.

These are just some of the style choices Taylor has made over the years. Many people consider her to be the queen of fashion and style, and her dedication to fashion is paying off. With each new role she takes on, she continues to prove that she is a woman to be reckoned with when it comes to fashion. Although there are many other stylish women on this list, these are some of the best red-carpet looks by Taylor Lautner.