Rumors of cheating have surrounded the relationship between Hollywood star Robert Pattinson and his longtime girlfriend and Snow White-esque beauty, Kristen Stewart. After a relatively public split from her bandmates in the indie group Bis, Stewart has spent much of the past year living in Italy with her new partner.

While there, she has immersed herself in the day-to-day life of an Italian local and documented her experiences on Instagram. Along with her new beau, Chiara, she has captured every day life in Italian as only a native speaker can. In fact, so much time has passed since Stewart and Pattinson’s split that their romance has almost seemed like a fairytale.

But after a year apart, is it really possible that the former couple could share an intimate night together? Could Robert Pattinson, a man whose personal life has always been shrouded in mystery, really be tempted by the charms of an Italian villa life?

Whether or not to believe the rumors remains to be seen. But if the past year is any indication, we might not have to wait very long for our answer.

Rumors Surfaced After Split From Bandmates

It all started when Stewart and Pattinson’s romance blossomed late last year. The couple was first seen canoodling in Venice, Italy in early December, while Stewart was in town for the premiere of her latest film, Happy Tears. The two were subsequently photographed together numerous times, sparking rumors that they were trying to keep their private life as private as possible. But even then, images of them kissing and holding hands in public were shared widely on social media.

As they adjusted to their new life in Villa Bel Air, rumors once again surfaced. On January 29, Stewart posted a photo of her and Pattinson on her Instagram account with the hashtag #vbelair. The following day, she tweeted, “It’s been an incredible year here in Bel Air. Looking back on the last 12 months, I see a woman who has learned so much and grown so much. I feel very lucky to have found a man who shares the same passion for life and loves me for exactly who I am.” 

The following week, she posted a video in which she talked about her experience living together as a couple. In the clip, she said that while Robert Pattinson was a big celebrity and she had grown accustomed to the limelight, being with him changed her perspective on what it meant to be famous. She also said that she had to learn to be gentle with herself around him, especially since he was such a private person and rarely gave interviews.

But while the relationship between the couple was gaining a lot of attention, rumors of a cheating scandal began to swirl. On February 9, Gossip Girl host Daniella Wexman wrote on Twitter, “I’m hearing rumblings that Robert Pattinson is having an affair with a cam girl. What do you think?” 

In response, Stewart denied the rumor, saying that she loved her partner and would never do anything to hurt him. She also mentioned that, due to their fame, people would always have something to say about them.

On February 13, The Sun reported that a Twitter user going by the name @itsrobptrang had posted a number of cryptic messages that cast doubt on Stewart’s fidelity. One of the messages read, “If you want proof of Rob’s infidelity, follow the money. It always leads to the same place. They have a villa in Tuscany that they visit at least twice a month. There’s no other logical explanation for all the money spent on flights to Italy and accommodation there.” 

In other messages, @itsrobptrang claimed that the couple had been photographed in compromising positions and that a sex tape featuring them was being shopped around to various media outlets. The account was eventually suspended, but not before it had amassed over 10,000 followers.

Pattinson Spends More Time In Italy Than In England

Despite the rumors, Stewart and Pattinson have not been seen in public together since shortly after their initial split, which was made known to the public in September 2015. The couple did, however, spend time in each other’s company.

According to a report by The Daily Mail, in the month after the break-up, Robert Pattinson began spending more and more time in Italy. His lawyer told the publication at the time, “He needs the time to himself. He needs space to think.” Between October and December 2015, the 39-year-old actor was photographed 12 times in Italy, compared to just twice in the United Kingdom.

And it wasn’t just Italy. In January 2016, it was reported that Robert Pattinson was spending time in both Morocco and Dubai. Then, in March, it was revealed that he would be filming a movie in South Africa. The following month, it was reported that he had booked accommodation in a villa in Tuscany for the summer.

It seems that in the wake of their breakup, Robert Pattinson has decided to live a quiet life, spending time in places that he feels more comfortable being alone. As for the rumors of him cheating on Stewart, they likely won’t be put to rest any time soon. What do you think, HollywoodLifers?