I get it, Robert Pattinson is pretty hot. But did he really need to put on a whole lot of weight for the Batman movie? I mean, the movie didn’t even come out yet, and he was already showing off his muscles. It’s not like he was going on a diet or anything. So is he really the biggest superhero hottie or is it all an act? Let’s find out!

The Perfect Bicep

In the first photo below, you’ll see Robert Pattinson doing some press for the upcoming Batman movie. He’s wearing a black tank top and leather motorcycle jacket, and he has what looks like a perfect bicep. I mean, he could probably lift a car with that arm. So is he really getting big for the movie? Or is it all an act? Let’s take a closer look.

The first photo you’ll see below is an old one from 2014. And I must say, he’s looking pretty beefy in that photo. However, his arms seem a little bit smaller than we’re used to seeing them. And even more strikingly, his biceps are perfectly round, unlike the more commonly seen and more commonly flexed muscles we’re accustomed to seeing in Hollywood. So the question is: did he really bulk up for Batman, or is it all an act? Let’s take a closer look.

The Perfect Back

Now here’s a photo that really puts my mind to rest. In the photo below, you’ll see Robert Pattinson’s back, and I believe I can say with complete certainty that he did not put on any kind of bodysuit or muscle shirt to make his back look bigger. Let’s just say this: he has a gorgeous back. And no, I do not mean that in a trashy way. I mean it in a perfectly pleasant and complimentary way.

The photo below was taken when he was filming the latest Twilight movie, New Moon. And what do you know, he’s wearing the exact same outfit in this photo as he did in the first photo above. Only difference is, he’s turned around a little bit so you can get a better look at his back. And trust me, that was no accident. This was a strategic photo shoot that he probably had planned all along. So he didn’t have to put on a muscle shirt or a bodysuit to make his back look bigger. It already does that on its own.

The Perfect Chest

If you thought his back was beautiful, wait till you see his abs. I mean, his chest is just as gorgeous as his back. And again, I do not mean this in a derogatory way. I’m a huge fan of his and I wouldn’t say that about any other actor. He has beautiful pecs. Let’s take a look at what else he’s got going on.

Below you’ll see a photo of Robert Pattinson from the last movie he was in, Oblivion. He’s wearing a white tank top in this photo, and it looks like he’s got perfectly smooth skin and no scars or tattoos on his chest. So if you did not already believe that he had a perfect chest, this photo will confirm it. And again, I do not mean that in a bad way. He has a natural beauty that’s really special. You can’t tell me that he did not have any help with his muscles or skin. So is he really the biggest superhero hottie or is it all an act? Let’s take a closer look.

The Perfect Legs

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Robert Pattinson has beautiful legs. And, in fact, he’s wearing pants in all three photos below. So if you didn’t already believe that he has perfect legs, this will convince you. Here’s a photo from 2013 and he wears the same pair of pants. All I’m saying is he could seriously use some shoes to match. And below is a photo from the last movie he was in, Oblivion, where he’s also wearing pants. So if you want to get a good look at his legs, you’ll have to wait until he’s done doing all the talking in the movie. Otherwise, people will trip over themselves to get a photo taken with him.

The Perfect Biceps

Finally, I’d like to point out Robert Pattinson’s biceps. They’re perfection. Not too big, not too small. Just perfectly round. I mean, I’ve never seen anything like it. There’s no need to Photoshop his arms in any way, because the camera did that for you. So his arms look amazing and you’ll struggle to find a bad word to say about them.

So which one is it? Did he really bulk up for Batman, or is it all an act? Let’s take a closer look at the photos below and make some guesses. Then you can decide for yourself whether you think he’s hot or not.

Is He Really Getting Big For Batman?

First off, let’s compare the two photos of Robert Pattinson from 2014. As you can see, his biceps are way bigger in the second photo. But here’s the thing: this second photo was taken when he was in Australia filming the movie The Great Gatsby. So it’s possible he put on some muscle there. And let’s not forget that Australia is pretty hot-weather friendly, so it’s always sunny there and warm. It’s entirely possible that he gained weight while filming so he could portray a more suitable character for the Australian climate. But either way, it’s pretty evident that he’s put on some muscle. It’s not just a guess anymore.

The photos below compare Robert Pattinson’s arms in the Avengers movie to those in the Batman movie. As you can see, his biceps are much larger in the black and white photo from the Avengers movie than they are in the photo from the Batman movie. So it seems likely that Robert Pattinson has indeed put on some muscle for his role as Black Widow’s husband, Nick Fury. But did he really have to bulk up so much for Batman?

Batman Or Not

Ultimately, it comes down to you, the reader, to decide whether or not Robert Pattinson really needed to bulk up for Batman. I mean, it’s none of my business what kind of role he plays or how much weight he needs to gain for the part. All I do is look at the facts and give my opinion based on those facts. And as much as I want to believe that Robert Pattinson was getting real skinny when he was playing Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies, the truth is he was not. The evidence points to him having put on a little bit of weight while filming the movie, New Moon. So whether or not he needed to hit the gym to play Batman, he still had to eat pancakes in the last scene of the movie. I mean, that’s what happens when you gain weight while filming. You get to eat whatever you want after the camera stops rolling. So it’s not like he had to diet or anything. No one forces you to eat pancakes after you’ve finished filming. It’s just what happens.

Batman is a well-known movie franchise that pretty much draws its inspiration from real life. And although the character is fictional, there are a lot of people who share a resemblance to the caped crusader. For example, Chris Pine, who was in the newbie class with me at USC, has a very similar look to Batman. And he did not put on any weight for the movie. In fact, he had the opposite effect. He lost a few pounds while filming. So it seems likely that he’s playing the part of Batman based on what he already had in himself. And even though the parts are not exactly the same, he still has that wonderful air of mystery surrounding him that gives him away as the ultimate incarnation of the Dark Knight.