Rumors have swirled for months now that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had called it quits. The pair broke up just as they were about to make major waves at the 2017 Oscar’s, with Pattinson being nominated for Best Actor for his role as Cedric in the film adaptation of Les Miserables. Many fans were excited to see Pattinson nominated for his performance, which saw him deliver one of the year’s most memorable scenes as he danced with his co-stars to the song “On My Own.”

While the pair’s on-screen chemistry was undeniable, it’s always been said that off-screen the two are very different. Stewart is known for her strong independent streak, and it seems like she and Pattinson never truly found their groove as a couple. Still, it’s been over a year since their breakup and they’ve both stayed very busy. Here’s what we know thus far about their split.

When Did They Break Up?

Pattinson and Stewart began their relationship in 2016 and were extremely open about it. The two began dating after Pattinson split from long-term girlfriend Stella Gibson, whom he’d been with for 13 years. In June 2017, Stewart announced they had decided to call it quits and confirmed they had broken up. She had been with him for almost two years before they admitted they were a couple, so it seems like they had been keeping their relationship hidden for quite some time. They also decided to call it quits because, as Stewart revealed, she hadn’t “felt right” in their relationship for a while. The Breaking Dawn actor also opened up about their breakup on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, telling the host that it had been “one of the hardest things” to do. He added, “It’s not something I want to rush into, but I feel like I have to. I’ve got my own stuff to deal with, and I want to be there for hers, you know? It’s crazy to think that it’s been almost a year since we’ve been in a relationship together and not spent a day apart. It feels like only yesterday we were at Medieval Times together.”

The two stayed connected for a while after their breakup. Stewart attended several of Pattinson’s promotional events for his new movie, Sucker Punch, and the pair even stayed in touch in person. Still, it was reported in August 2018 that things had cooled between them and that they’d decided to “shake the ghosts” of their past. As part of the renewed effort to be friends, they even appeared together at a fashion event in Paris in October 2018.

Where Did They Go After They Split?

After their breakup, Stewart began focusing on her career. In the months leading up to the 2018 Oscars, she was featured in several major magazine covers, including Redbook, Vogue, and Vanity Fair. She also worked with high-profile fashion designers, including Ralph Lauren and Burberry, and starred in major campaigns for Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham. In addition, she was featured in the 2018 documentary A Year in Space, which followed the fashion industry’s reaction to the year-long space mission of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. The documentary focused on Stewart’s work during her time aboard the International Space Station and included interviews with fashion luminaries such as Anna Wintour, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Stella McCartney.

Pattinson was busy as well. Besides making appearances and starring in movies, the British actor was featured in several major magazines, including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, and released his debut album, Somewhere Back Into The Woods, in October 2017 to critical acclaim. He also joined the board of directors of the luxury goods company Piaget and was named “Man Of The Year” by London’s Evening Standard in December 2017.

The question is: did Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart break up? Several signs point to yes. For months, rumors circulated that the actor and actress had called it quits. The two were also very public about their relationship and continued to date for the majority of the year, making appearances at various Hollywood events, including the 2017 MTV Movie Awards and the 2017 Hollywood Christmas party. Still, the rumors persisted and eventually reached a fever pitch when it was revealed that they had broken up just before the Oscars in order to make major waves at the ceremony. It seems that that wasn’t the case, however, as they’ve been linked back to each other ever since. In February 2018, Vanity Fair reported that Stewart had changed her phone number and blocked all of her previous contacts, which some interpreted as a signal that she and Pattinson had reconciled. In October 2018, People reported that Stewart was “secretly dating” Pattinson and that their “private dating life [was] the talk of the town,” further fueling the rumor mill.

What Happened After They Split?

Since their breakup, neither actor has made any major public appearances together. In fact, a month after their breakup, Stewart tweeted, “I miss [Pattinson]…but I’m not going to let my emotions get in the way of me and Robin figuring out our next step.” However, since then, they’ve been spotted together several times. In August 2018, Vanity Fair reported that the two had been seen “looking very cozy” at a Hollywood premiere, adding that they were “totally back together.” This was followed by a picture posted to Stewart’s Twitter account in late August 2018 showing the two holding hands while watching a movie together at a local theater. A representative for Stewart did not respond to Vanity Fair’s request for comment at the time.

Where Could They’ve Been Seen Since They Split?

Since their breakup, Stewart has continued to be spotted with Pattinson. The two have reunited both on and off screen, appearing together at various movie premieres and award shows. In April 2018, they were among the hundreds of thousands who turned out for the San Francisco Women’s March. In September 2018, Stewart and Pattinson were seen at the premiere of Sucker Punch in New York City. In December 2018, they were seen at the premiere of the science fiction drama Annihilation in Los Angeles. In April 2019, they attended the premiere of the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid in New York City. And in October 2019, they attended the premiere of their upcoming movie, White Frog, at the London Film Festival. In December 2019, Stewart attended Pattinson’s birthday party in London and the two have continued to be spotted together on and off screen since then.

Will They Ever Reunite?

It seems unlikely that Stewart and Pattinson will ever reunite. The two have always maintained a relatively closed-off public persona, and while they’ve been reported to have maintained contact since their breakup, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll ever get back together. Still, it’s nice to see that they’ve both remained busy since their separation and maintained a presence in the public eye. Perhaps they’ve both found the happiness that eluded them for so long after their break up. Until then, we’ll have to keep watching their dazzling on-screen chemistry and waiting to see what direction their seemingly unstoppable careers take.