Yes, you read that right! Actor Robert Pattinson had his hair dyed a very light blonde for one of the most memorable scenes in the movie, Twilight.

The scene was inspired by Pattinson’s character in the movie, Edward Cullen, who had his hair dyed while in a fevered dream sequence. The color was inspired by Emily’s, Emily Chatwood’s, character in the movie. You know, the rebellious and independent girl who befriends Bella, played by Kristen Stewart.

The result is one of Hollywood’s most eye-catching sights. Check out the clip above, which was featured on Conan, to see Edward Cullen’s hair change from black to blonde.

It is well known among fans of the Twilight series that Pattinson has two distinctive hairstyle trends: dark hair and light hair. Of course, he also has the standard tousle-haired actor look. You’ll have to decide which one you like best. We personally adore his dark hair. It’s not only distinctive, but it suits him perfectly and helps him land those memorable film roles. We decided to put together a guide on how to achieve the perfect tousled look with the help of some of Hollywood’s most talented barbers and hairstylists.

Take Care Of Your Hair And Scissors

First off, take care of your hair and your scissors. It is very important that your hair is clean and free of dirt and oil. When you are using a new pair of scissors, try to go easy on yourself by starting off with a baby cut. This is a great way to warm up your scissors and ensure that they cut clean and neat. You also need to take good care of your hair by regularly washing it and conditioning it.

Get The Right Cut

The first step to getting the perfect tousled haircut is deciding on what length you want. There are no set rules, but you should aim for something somewhere between a bowl cut and a slicked back hair cut, if you can manage it. The key is to create some volume at the top while still keeping the hair relatively short on the sides. Volume at the top can be created by giving your hair a slight lift at the front with either the assistance of a hair clamp or dry shampoo. The shorter the hair is at the front, the more volume you will create. You should consider the length of your hair when selecting the kind of haircut you want. Think about what you are going to wear the rest of the year. What style fits you best?

Choose The Right Hair Product

Next, you need to choose the right hair product. A good rule of thumb is to go for a shampoo and conditioner combination. The conditioner will add luster, shine, and overall smoothness to your hair. You should avoid silicones as they will make your hair drier and more prone to breakage. A good conditioner will help protect your hair from the harmful rays of the sun by shielding it from heat. This will help you avoid heat damage and breakage. You should use a conditioner at least once or twice a week to maintain healthy and shiny hair.

Use The Right Hair Products

You should use the appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your hair. The shampoo should be designed for your hair’s type and condition. After all, not all shampoos are made equal. Using the wrong shampoo may result in your hair becoming weakened and eventually falling out.

Similarly, make sure that the conditioner you are using is the right one for your hair. Talk to your hairstylist about what conditioner will work best for your hair. They will be able to advise you on what choice is best suited to your particular needs.

Always Take Time To Sculpt

Last but not least, always take time to sculpt. Just because you have let your hair air dry for a couple of days, this does not mean that you should rush into carving your face like a pumpkin. Make sure that your hair is really dry before you start carving. This will help you avoid any accidents. Always follow the instructions carefully so that you don’t end up with a nasty pimple or two. After all, nobody wants to look like a mess. Plus, you will end up ruining your otherwise perfect hair. Take your time and do it right. You will end up loving the results anyway.

We hope this article helped you in your quest to perfect your tousled haircut. It is a difficult look to master, but with a little bit of patience and practice, you will be able to pull it off perfectly. From daily brushing to occasional washes, conditioning, and trimming, continue to take care of your hair as you would normally do. You’ll be able to notice a significant difference in your hair’s overall appearance. Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out our other articles on grooming and style as well as our YouTube channel for more amazing hair care tips and tricks!