Rumors of a real-life love triangle involving Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Emma Watson have been swirling for months. While Stewart and Pattinson’s professional relationship seems to be grounded in genuine admiration and affection, it’s their off-screen chemistry that has fans wondering if the fair isle and the halo are connected by more than just a mutual adoration of green landscapes and rainy weather.

The truth is still unconfirmed, but thanks to a recently resurfaced photo, we may now know for sure. In March 2019, a picture of a very cozy and comfortable-looking Rob and Kristen emerged, proving that these rumors of a cold war were just that – rumors.

The photo, obtained by German magazine Der Spiegel, was taken at an Apple Event in 2017. The silhouette of a man wearing an Apple Watch and holding an iPhone is superimposed over the photo, which was also taken using an Apple device.

The timing of the photo’s resurfacing is undoubtedly significant. Just last month, Robert Pattinson was spotted out wearing a stunning green dress. Rumors immediately began circulating that the ‘X-Men’ actor was trying to make a serious statement with his choice of attire.

The speculation was further fueled by Pattinson’s choice of venue, which was the Met Gala. The prestigious Met Gala is an annual event that occurs in May, where attendees are dressed to the nines in full-on fancy dress. The 2019 Met Gala was themed ‘After Party’, and was a who’s who of famous faces. Among the celebs spotted at this year’s event were Emily Ratajkowski, Naomi Campbell, Marion Cotillard, and Bella Hadid.

Why Did Robert Pattinson Wear Green At The Met Gala?

Well, maybe he was just trying to keep in character as the legendary vampire, given that he was at a costume party. Regardless of the reason, it’s certainly an interesting look for the actor, who is certainly known for his quirky sense of style.

Pattinson was not the only famous face at the Met Gala. Actress Kristen Stewart made a stunning appearance sporting an emerald-green dress. While Stewart does not usually frequent Goth circles, she has been known to wear green in the past. This is most notably the case with her appearance at the 2017 Met Gala, where the starlet wore an emerald-green dress and necklace.

In addition to green, Stewart is also famous for her unique sense of style. She is often seen wearing head-to-toe snakeskin, which is definitely not something you see every day. In particular, Stewart has been known to sport snakeskin booties and snakeskin headbands.

Was He Trying To Mention Emily Ratajkowski?

It’s well-known that Robert Pattinson is a bit of a romantic. The actor has been linked to multiple celebrities, and one of his rumored dates in real life was with Emily Ratajkowski. While the two didn’t exactly work things out, they have remained civil and friendly ever since.

The two were first linked in 2015, when they were both attendees at the L’Oreal Paris Women’s Confident Ceremony. After the ceremony, Ratajkowski was photographed with a blackberry in her hand, as if she were carrying an injured fairy.

There was no denying that the pair were madly in love. In December of that year, Ratajkowski was even rumored to have proposed to Pattinson. The actress was subsequently denied the proposal by her parents, who were horrified at the very suggestion of marriage. Despite the families’ objections, the couple kept the promise they made to each other and remained steadfast in their devotion. The proposal happened at the Los Angeles courthouse, where they were wed in a private ceremony.

Was He Confirming Or Denyng Rumors Of A Real-Life Romance?

Although rumors of a romance between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been circulating for some time, the actor has never confirmed nor denied them. The pair have maintained a professional relationship ever since their on-screen breakup in 2014’s ‘Legend.’

Given that Stewart and Pattinson have both spoken about how important it was to them that their professional relationship remain “just friends”, it’s clear that this was not a love triangle that they wanted the world to know about. But since the split has not exactly kept a lid on the gossip, in the past he has turned up to numerous red-carpet appearances wearing a necklace with a medallion engraved with the letters “SP.”

This has led many to believe that he is simply confirming the rumors. But it’s been suggested that the ‘SP’ stand for “Sober Producers,” the names of the production companies behind the critically-acclaimed television shows, ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’

Why Are People So Upset By This Photo?

Well, ‘SP’ could stand for “Single Parent,” too, of course. But instead of being offended by these theories, Pattinson seems to have taken the ‘SP’ emblem as a sign of admiration. He has worn the necklace on numerous occasions, including the red carpet. While he has mostly kept the media speculations at a comfortable distance, in 2016 he did reveal that the initials stood for “Strength Through Pride.”

But it’s not only about the initials. In the photo, there is something else that makes the hearts of some fans skip a beat. The look on Pattinson’s face seems to suggest that he is about to kiss Stewart. While the two had not yet disclosed their real-life relationship, the photo definitely seemed to confirm it. But it’s not just “I love you, Stewart.” It’s something more personal and romantic.

When Will We Know If This Photo Confirms Or Denies Rumors Of A Real-Life Romance?

With the help of our psychic friend, Madame Elle, we may know sooner than we think. As an extra special bonus, you’ll get to hear what she has to say about the entire affair. Just click HERE to get started.