There was quite the media frenzy when news broke that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had called it quits on their three-month long romance. The actor had abruptly ended his engagement to the Snow White And The Huntsman actress while they were on the set of the blockbuster Twilight series in November 2012. But what actually happened on the set and why did the onscreen chemistry suddenly turn cold?

Here we answer all your burning questions about the Twilight break-up.

Did Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Break Up While Filming Twilight?

Yes, it’s true. The Breaking Dawn – Part 1 and 2 stars were never really an item romantically speaking. They attended the 2012 Golden Globe Awards together as friends, but it was always clear that they had more fun and entertainment bonding than anything else. In fact, Robert Pattinson had been dating Kristen Stewart for over a year before the Twilight premiere in 2010. He even proposed to her, which she happily accepted. In the three years since then, they have only grown closer as colleagues and friends. As Stewart put it in a 2012 interview: “We’re really good friends first and foremost, obviously, and we work really well together. Which is kind of unusual—usually, the personalities clash, but we have a lot of respect and a lot of fun on set.”

In the months leading up to the breakup, there were multiple reports that the Twilight cast and crew were feeling miserable on set. The stress of working so hard to meet a tight production schedule was taking its toll. Several insiders shared that the pressure was becoming too much for some of the main characters, particularly Kristen Stewart. Her character Bella Swan is supposed to be a strong and independent woman who can hold her own in a fight (or bite), but insiders say Stewart was often reduced to tears during production due to the intense workload. In one particularly poignant scene from the movie, Bella’s character undergoes a horrifying transformation as a result of an alien bite that leaves a blood mark on her arm. It was one of the most pivotal and disturbing scenes in the entire series because it brought to light how fragile and mortal Bella’s alter ego really is. The moment when she first sees the bite mark on her arm was one of the most horrifying in the history of film.

Why Did Robert Pattinson Break Up With Kristen Stewart?

There is no question that Twilight was a groundbreaking achievement in many ways. For starters, it successfully merged fantasy with reality, resulting in a fresh new breed of blockbuster film. It also introduced many young fans to the magic of cinema, while simultaneously encouraging existing fans to seek out more material from the series. All in all, the movie is considered one of the greatest successes of all time in terms of its unprecedented global appeal.

But while Twilight was racking up the accolades, something was amiss behind the scenes. Many of the movie’s stars, particularly Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, were struggling with their on-set chemistry and felt that it was affecting the movie. Pattinson, who plays the vampire Edward Cullen, openly admits that their on-screen relationship at times felt more like professional bonding than a romantic partnership (something that Stewart, who plays Bella Swan, also agrees with).

Even worse, the chemistry between the two was so bad that for the last three months of filming, they basically stopped talking to each other. After finishing the movie, they went their separate ways. As Edward Cullen, Pattinson said in a 2012 interview: “I think the hardest thing was to find the right tone, the right balance. She’s a beautiful, amazing woman, but we are just not compatible as people. Our personalities clash, and it was hard to find the right way to play that. Maybe if I’d taken more time, we could’ve found a way to work together. We just weren’t connecting as people.”

The following year, at the premiere for his next movie, Pattinson was joined by Stewart as his date for the evening. But the two kept a careful distance, as they had previously done on set – even when it came to their public appearances together. In fact, the only time they were photographed smiling together was on the red carpet after the movie’s premiere. For the most part, they remained cordial but distant until the end of 2013, when rumors began to spread that they had gotten reconciled. But that was mostly due to their on-set collaboration on the highly anticipated movie, Snow White And The Huntsman – rather than any romantic feelings that they may have had for one another.

Will Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Ever Get Back Together?

It’s entirely possible that we’ll be seeing more of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan’s adventures together in the future. For starters, Stewart is now an established movie star, so her career path would seem to indicate that she’ll continue to play the character. In addition, the success of the Twilight franchise shows that there is still an audience out there for young adult-oriented fiction. So the creative team behind the movie could potentially resurrect the romance between Bella and Edward, even if it is on the big screen. Plus, with the way that both actors have matured since Twilight was first released, it would be interesting to see how different their characters would seem now compared to how they looked in the beginning.

But for right now, it would appear that Edward and Bella are both happy to just enjoy their independence and the companionship of their loved ones. The following year, Stewart was spotted visiting Pattinson at his London home. They were photographed holding hands and cuddling, a far cry from the cold exterior that they previously showed the world. While we eagerly await their next collaboration, it seems that for now, their perfect romantic partnership has come to an end. But their professional relationship continues to blossom, as they recently worked together to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer. So even though they are no longer together romantically, it seems that their professional relationship will see them through many more movies to come – and many more happy occasions. In fact, at this year’s Golden Globe Awards, they were both nominated for Best Supporting Actor for their respective roles.