It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, hasn’t it? First, it was the announcement of Twilight, then came the inevitable tidal wave of media speculation as to whether or not Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson would split up while on set. For the record, here’s what we know so far.

They’ve Been Shooting In The Dark For The Past Two Weeks

Based on the cryptic comments made by Edward Cullen in the trailer of Twilight, it would appear that the entirety of the past two weeks have been nothing but a glorified cameo. Indeed, while we were all anxiously awaiting the Dec. 18 release of Twilight, it seems that Stewart and Pattinson have been diligently working on the film in complete secrecy, which would explain why their involvement in previous films has been limited to cameos and why they’ve essentially vanished from social media. They’ve even gone so far as to ensure that none of the Twilight production staff have had any contact with the press, including the very journalists who were assigned the task of covering the making of the movie and who are now expected to keep the suspense going into the New Year.

Why the secrecy? Well, it would be insane for them to go public with their romance while publicity for Twilight still resonates, wouldn’t it? And while we all want to believe that the cast and crew of Twilight are a close-knit group that would never betray a member of the family, it’s difficult not to look at the bigger picture and consider the fact that Stewart and Pattinson have been essentially promoting one movie while under the veil of another. Perhaps it’s time we remembered why Twilight is considered a vampire movie and how inappropriate it would be for Edward Cullen to fall in love. Or maybe it’s time we remembered that Stewart is a deeply private person and doesn’t like to share more than a few pictures of herself on social media, no matter what the occasion is. In any event, here’s hoping that 2014 is kinder to them both.

Rumors Of Trouble On Set

The fact that Stewart and Pattinson have gone AWOL from social media doesn’t exactly instill confidence in the audience that their on-screen chemistry is going to be any good, does it? After all, how can an actor truly express themselves completely if they’re afraid to share even the tiniest scrap of their on-screen life with the world? Even the most diehard fans of Twilight might be a little scared to see how Stewart and Pattinson really interact with each other in real life. The same can probably be said for the people writing the reviews, as none of them have been able to capture the magic of Twilight quite like the fans can, in part because Stewart and Pattinson don’t exactly want to allow anyone else to come between them and the fans.

Unfortunately for us, the people behind the camera don’t get to choose their cast members or whether or not to show them interacting with each other, which means that we as audiences do have to settle for whatever crumbs of information the directors decide to throw out there about the making of the movie. And given that we’ve been denied even those tiny morsels of information, all we really have to go on are the rumors and gossip that have sprung up around the production.

More Than Meets The Eye

For months, rumors have been circulating that Stewart and Pattinson were dating and that their relationship was more than a professional one. Apparently, when Stewart was first cast as Bella in Twilight, the rumor mill got so busy that it completely blurred the line between reality and fiction, to the point where she started seeing Pattinson in the roles he was playing and vice versa. Since then, there’s been more than enough evidence to support the fact that they’re more than just good friends.

Not only is there the evidence of their undeniable chemistry, which would be enough to fuel a thousand romances, but there are also the countless sightings of them holding hands, kissing, and even making out on-camera during breaks and in between scenes. And if that wasn’t proof enough, just consider this: not only are they terrified of being photographed or filmed, they even go to extreme lengths to avoid being recognized in real life, which in turn makes us, the fans, even more obsessed with them. They’re literally trying to keep us away from them, which, in Twilight terms, is kind of like trying to keep Bella away from the Volturi.

To be fair, there are fans of Stewart and Pattinson who are as equally obsessed with them as we are. In fact, some people have even suggested that they should enter into a partnership and create a social media site just to keep tabs on all of the sightings of the celebrity couple, which would be like creating a Yelp for Edward Cullen.

The Truth Won’t Hurt

In the end, we all want to believe that the relationships we see onscreen are as genuine as they seem. But, as we’ve been reminded countless times, we should never, ever believe what we see onscreen, because, ultimately, it’s all fake. And while it would be wonderful if everything on-screen was as perfect as it seems, life seldom works that way. Even in the most ideal world, the truth will eventually come out, and when it does, it either destroys the illusion or it causes the characters to question whether or not the love they have for one another is stronger than their fear of being found out.

So, in order to protect their privacy, Stewart and Pattinson have hidden the truth from us. They’ve kept us in the dark. But, as much as we might want to avoid the truth, it will invariably come back to bite us in the ass. And when it does, we’ll either have to accept that it was all a mirage or we’ll have to deal with the fact that we’ve been lied to.